What Makes Infinix Note 2 X600 a Stylish and Powerful Accessory?


With the release of Infinix Note 2 X600 the long-awaited opportunity to acquire a top device for a reasonable price appeared! Only on Jiji it is real to buy this powerful smartphone, not wasting too much money, chose one of best infinix note 2 price today! This phone equipped with 2GB of RAM and eight cores, Infinix Note 2 X600 allows performing almost any task – online viewing HD-video, processing “heavy” type video, files, or photos! The ideal device for the perfect price!Infinix Note 2 X600

Internal power

Have you ever imagined a smartphone that can cope absolutely with any task?

This is Infinix Note 2 X600. You can run any resource-intensive processes through a productive eight-core processor at the same time. Do you watch HD-video online, play video games, surf the web, or emailing friends? The powerful hardware of Infinix Note 2 X600 will allow you to enjoy the process without annoying slowdown.

New photos level

Infinix Note 2 X600

Infinix Note 2 X600 has advanced 13.0-megapixel camera with a LED flash. So, the quality of photos and videos will be high, regardless of whether you shoot in the daytime, during the night walk or a party. You will love to make photos, even if you have never thought about a career of the photographer. 2.0-megapixel front camera with flash makes beautiful selfies. Enjoy video calls and stay in touch with family while traveling!

Superfast loading

Infinix Note 2 X600

Are you tired of waiting until the application starts? Pause for movies and games pisses you off? 2 GB of RAM installed in the Infinix Note 2 X600 will allow you to forget about the problems in performance. Enjoy multitasking, switching between applications, playing online multiplayer games or just browse the Internet at the speed that you previously could not even imagine.

Enjoy content without waiting

If you have a powerful smartphone, you will definitely want to check its performance when viewing content on the screen. Infinix Note 2 X600 is equipped with top-end 5.9-inch IPS LCD screen with HD resolution, which will show you a new level of enjoyment of content.

Smarter than smart

Infinix Note 2 X600

Enjoy all the features of the new generation of smartphones preloaded with OS Android Lollipop 5.1. The intuitive interface guarantees the fulfilment of all tasks in a few clicks. In addition, you get access to millions of applications, including the best from Google and will be able to download all the latest updates from Google Play Market. Accelerometer, Proximity and Compass sensors will become your best friends from very first usage of Infinix Note 2 X600!

Two SIM-cards

Economical users will appreciate the benefit of the support of two SIM-cards. Moreover, it is not only economical but also comfortable!

Control the amount of memory

Infinix Note 2 X600 is equipped with 16GB of internal memory. If you are an advanced user and you need more space – just install the MicroSD memory card up to 64 GB and increase the capacity of the internal memory of the smartphone!