Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Makeup Mistakes

The crown of most women these days is makeup and the truth is it has become a universal thing for women to wake up in the morning and want to have their faces painted.

Babies r. Several amazing techniques to give themselves a perfect look that would have every other person seeing them as extremely beautiful.

Some women are naturally skilled when it comes to making up while some others watch tutorials and experiment. Whatever the case is with you, the truth is several mistakes are commonly made by women when it comes to makeup.

So, girls, it is 2019 already, and most of these makeup blunders need to stop getting ready for a refined and polished makeup look that would have everyone thinking you’re a professional.

In this article, I will be pointing out all the blunders that you need to avoid and the right things to do so that you look very flawless.

1. Neglecting the moisturiser

Before you begin your makeup, it is vital that you moisturise your skin first of all. When your skin is nicely moisturised before you apply any makeup products expect that the product will work properly on your skin and that your makeup will look prominent and clean.

However, if you forget to apply a moisturiser before applying your makeup get ready for some horrible consequences. Take for example your skin will look dull dry and uneven after applying your makeup without moisturiser.

Because there will be no shine on your skin, your makeup will become completely useless. So it is essential that you always remember to first apply your moisturiser before wearing your makeup.

2. Stop choosing the wrong foundation

One mistake that is quite common with a lot of women these days is that the end of choosing to apply the wrong shade of foundation.

I agree that choosing the right shade of foundation can be a very complex task and requires a lot of experiments and sometimes professional advice for you to get the right colour.

However, there is a simple trick, and that is to go with a colour that matches that of your neck your hairline and your jawline. If this is not something you think you can pull off on your own, you can easily seek help from any professional at a makeup store; that will make things a lot easier.

3. Filling your eyebrows excessively

Eyebrows have a very special role to play in your overall appearance. The shading of your eyebrows requires the right colour and most often women fill their brows excessively, and that results in an unpleasant end look.

If you have eyebrows that are light, then you can choose a darker shade. However, if you want your eyebrows to have a more natural look, then you have to go for a lighter shade. Getting a brow styler at this point can come in very handy.

4. Wearing dark blush colours

It is not an easy task to identify what colour of blush you should use and what colour you must avoid. For this reason, you have to go for a blush colour that looks perfect on your skin tone. It is OK for you to test several shades of blush colours on your skin and then pick the one that best suits you.

The best blush for you is any one that gives you a shining natural look so you must avoid using any dark shades of blush unless you have an expert touch. On the other hand, it is easier and even better to apply blushes of lighter colours on your skin so that it looks a lot natural.

5. Too many contouring products

These days everyone wants the face nicely contoured but bear in mind that the use of too many contour products can ruin your entire makeup look. If what you want is for your makeup to look balanced and last longer then it is essential that you make use of fewer contouring products.

It is not a useless thing to say that owning a good contour palette plays an indispensable role in helping you to achieve a flawless makeup look. If you have an unbalanced skin or a bulky face, then there is absolutely nothing that can help you reshape your face better than a contour kit.

While applying contour to your face, you must make sure that attention is paid to the total amount that you use.

6. Makeup and food

It is funny how a lot of women read your makeup while eating. Lipstick can easily get red when you’re eating things like sandwiches and burgers. No doubt such situations can be very embarrassing, and no woman wants to find themselves in one.

But hey if food is your one true love then do not let it go simply because you’re trying to protect your makeup all you have to do is carry with you some makeup removing tissue that would neatly help to clear out the mess.

7. Uneven wing liners

Talking about one of the most complicated things when it comes to make up then we can point to the wing liners. Drawing the perfect wing liners require skill and time.

And in 2019 you need to take your time to learn how to draw them right because when they are uneven, you will look very funny. If you can’t draw then correctly, then do not draw it at all.

8. Never neglect the use of correctors

As you begin to grow older, it is undeniable that she will begin also to change your choice of makeup. For instance, you need to hide dark circles wrinkles or blemishes.

And to do that you need to get the right kind of special foundations and also a suitable corrector. It is preferable that you use a corrector instead of a primer because there are times when a primer may just make your problem worse.

9. Using excess eyeliner

Eyeliners are very wonderful because they help to define your eyes more properly. However, when you use eyeliner successfully, they can ruin your entire makeup look.

These are only nine of the things you should take note of in 2019. let us hear from you, what are your thoughts?

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