Man City, Chelsea and more Premier League clubs trolled for LGBT support

The English Premier League clubs showed their support for Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign this week.

There have been countless homophobic comments online from fans of the Premier League football clubs—including Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal—for showing support for Stonewall’s pro-LGBT+ Rainbow Laces campaign on social media.

Premier League LGBT

About 16 out of the 20 Premier League clubs, including Liverpool, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur, showed their support for the LGBT+ equality in football by posting rainbow-themed profile pictures and messages to flag the Stonewall campaign on Facebook last week.

Nevertheless, homophobic reactions were seen by posting anti-LGBT+ comments. Angry homophobic trolls “say no to LGBT” on Premier League clubs on Facebook pages.

One homophobic user commented: “Say no to LGBT” after Arsenal FC updated its profile picture that included a rainbow-striped logo.

The anti-gay messages got reactions from over 4,000 people. A comment on Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Facebook page from a fan read “God Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” And a similar homophobic reaction on Chelsea Football Club’s Facebook page just after it updated its profile picture in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign says, “SAY NO TO LGBT…” and has been “liked” by over 5,000 users.

Manchester City’s Facebook page got its homophobic comment which says, “But football is for men not for gays,” this was after the club changed its cover photo to a Rainbow Laces image and the post has been “liked” more than 350 times.

One person responded: “God Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” after Wolverhampton Wanderers FC showed solidarity for the rainbow laces initiative.

Some social media users, however, supported the pro-LGBT+ message from the Premier League teams and commented, “Good stuff. There is no place for homophobia in football or anywhere in sport, no more than there is racism,” a user posted after Tottenham Hotspur gave its profile picture an LGBT+ a new look.

“Plenty of the comments here demonstrate why this is required. Spurs are showing some leadership here, and it makes me proud to support them.”

“Total respect for LGBT community! Chelsea is the best!.”-  One user posted on Chelsea’s Facebook page. One person also wrote on Liverpool FC’s profile picture update: “Football, a game for everyone. Nice gesture Reds   .”

“As a city fan for 40 years, I think it’s pathetic the hateful and homophobic comments on this post.” Says a comment from a fourth Facebook user on Leicester City Football Club’s profile picture update.

More comments came pouring in, “It’s a rainbow lace get over it! Most of the people commenting never been to a City game in their lives!

“I sit in my season ticket seat win, lose or draw with some of England’s best tolerant and diverse fans ever! LCFC forever and thanks for changing your pic!”