Massachusetts Vacation Ideas

Massachusetts Vacation Ideas
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Massachusetts is a small state with a long name and an even longer list of things to do! This great state is one of the oldest in the country and is full of historical sites and cities, including Boston!

Of course, there are also things for non-history lovers to enjoy as well.

Go on a Cruise

Massachusetts lies right on the Atlantic Ocean, making it a prime spot to start a cruise from. Check out some cruises from Boston and see where they can take you.

Many of these cruises zip along the east coast, going through many historical port towns in the United States, and even sometimes in Canada.

Cruises can take place most times of the year. Some of the best cruises take place in the autumn. On these, you can see the beautiful fall colors painted on the trees.

Visit an Old Witch Town

Salem is one of the most famous cities in the state, but not exactly for a good reason. In the late 1600s, the town went through the Salem Witch trials.

During this time, many women, men, and even children were accused of being witches, and many of them were hung or otherwise killed because of this.

The history of Salem is still alive and well– and not– all at the same time. There are many townwide tours, themed shops, and even haunted houses in the town.

If you’re not afraid of witches or ghosts, but love history, then this could be the perfect place for you to visit.

Watch a Baseball Game

One of the most famous baseball diamonds in the United States makes its home in West Fens– Fenway Park.

The Red Sox play their home games here, so if you love the team, there is no better place to watch them play! Of course, you can get all sorts of food and memorabilia while you are here.

Relax at the Beach

Since Massachusetts lies right on the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of beaches to visit. One of the best beaches is Cape Cod. The water in the Atlantic Ocean is notorious for being chilly this far north, so make sure you go swimming during the summertime.

While the beaches attached to the ocean won’t freeze over, you might just feel like you’re freezing if you try to run into the waves after autumn starts.

Step Back in Time

Another famous historical site in Massachusetts is Plymouth. Many Americans will recognize this as the place where the pilgrims landed in the 1600s, making it one of the first permanent settlements in North America.

Today, the town has been turned into an open-air museum, with the buildings and other features lovingly recreated.

Even more impressive, during some parts of the year, living history actors work at the site, making it seem all the more like you have stepped back in time. There are several packages guests can choose from, so they only have to see what they want to see. 

Have a Whale of a Time

Did you know that you can see whales just off the coast of Massachusetts? There are several whale watching tours in the state, some of the most famous leaving port in Boston.

If you do not want to go out on the seas but still want to take in the beauty of the ocean, then you can visit the New England Aquarium instead.

While you might not see a while here, you are sure to see all sorts of other amazing sea life. Many sea life experts work at the aquarium and are there to answer any questions little kids or adults might have about the animals.

Massachusetts is a great state where a visit to historical sites and trying new luxurious experiences can happen a street away from each other. Consider visiting this fine state on your next vacation and see what attractions speak to you.

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