Meet the Fastest, Most Luxurious and Most Expensive Range Rover yet; The 2018 SVautobiography


Talk about the most luxurious range rover money can buy and here you have it, the 2018 Range Rover SVautobiography. Each SVAutobiography is hand-finished by the engineers at Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) , giving the reason for their distinctive emblem stamped on the car and showing how exquisite this machine is. The SVAutobiography is only available in an extended wheelbase form inorder to assure more room and maximum comfort for its occupants. The second row is the most important part of this vehicle and this is made obvious by the installed Executive Class Rear Seats that literally look like the thrones that might be seen in a salon,no pun intended. The 2018 Range Rover SVautobiography is the fastest, most powerful and, most expensive Range Rover ever produced for now and set to be available to the public very soon.


2018 Range Rover SVautobiography front cabin

There are many design changes to signify that this is no ordinary Range Rover. The front grille on the new range has been altered with chrome inserts, a tweaked rear bumper integrates with the metal exhaust finishers, and even a massive 22-inch wheels are specific to the SVAutobiography, as also are the Bright Atlas accents all over the exterior of the car. The suspension on the SVautobiography has been tuned to match the powerful engine output and the massive weight of the vehicle. The air suspension can be set on the lowest setting for a menacing, well balanced look; or can be jacked right up to give off a don’t-mess-with-me look similar to that of the G wagon.

The 2018 SVautobiography also comes with a host of built in safety features which include traction control system, seatbelts pre-tensioners, a 360 degrees park assist, panic alarm, content theft-deterrent alarm system, low tire pressure warning, blind spot sensor and a lane keep assist.


2018 Range Rover SVautobiography front cabin

The interior of the 2018 SVautobiography is a place you will want to sit in just for sitting’s sake because of its class. It’s beautiful, although mostly because of the leathers than anything else. The diamond-stitched leather seats are cool, and every surface you touch gives off the feeling that its the most expensive and luxurious leather you can get. The rear seats can recline up to 40 degrees and can offer a hot stone massage function and also have heated calf and footrests.

There’s a refrigerator in the middle of the rear console of the SVautobiography capable of holding two champagne sized bottles and glasses. Also at the rear end are two 10-inch monitors with 4G Wi-Fi connectivity. The new features on the inside of the 2018 SVautobiography include a new entertainment and information system that features two 10-inch touchscreens on the dashboard, a Poltrona Frau leather seat(whatever that means) design and new interior color themes with two new surface veneers. An exclusive and new Zenith clock, which is inspired by the Elite 6150 watch, is also fitted on the rear centre console to give off that contemporary classic look.

Engine and Transmission

The 2018 Range Rover SVautobiography comes fitted with a 5.0 litre supercharged V-8 engine mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission producing a massive 565 horsepower and 7200NM of torque. This engine is so powerful that it can propel the 2465 kg SVautobiography from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.5 seconds, talk about classy and fast guys. This car is a total boss of the road.


  1. Very powerful engine.
  2. The luxurious interior is breathtaking.
  3. The cabin is spacious.
  4. The car is overall classy.


  1. Heavy price tag.
  2. It can sit only four passengers.
  3. Fuel consumption is high except on the planned hybrid engine variant which Rang Rover group claims will reduce fuel consumption of the SVautobiography by up to 31 miles.


Starts at $208,456 (#75,044,160)


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