Meet Vivo Xplay7, the First Smartphone in the World With 10GB RAM


Vivo has been kicking butts recently in the smartphone market. Almost on the verge to overtake South Korean giant, Samsung in the race of putting fingerprint sensors under the display of a smartphone.

Even though smartphone analysts don’t classify them as one of the top smartphone brands yet, they are undoubtedly at the top when it comes to Chinese smartphone production with only Huawei, Xiaomi coming second and third respectively.

Recently, Vivo shocked the whole world when their newest smartphone leaked and until now the entire smartphone community is still marveled as to the feet they pulled with it; a smartphone with 10GB of RAM, that’s the first of its kind in the history of mobile technology.

We’ve seen 2GB RAMs, 3,4,6 and just last year, smartphones started arriving in mass; running on 8GB RAMs and when that started happening, we all knew a 10GB RAMed smartphone is around the corner, but nobody knew it would be coming from Vivo.

The phone won’t be pulling attention with only it’s 10GB RAM, there are so many great features and specs attached to this phone. Let’s start with the display. Its display is another thing to talk about.  It will be coming with a bezel-less 18:9 screen which is a nice display to put on a 2018 smartphone since the whole smartphone technology industry is going bezel-less.

With this phone, Vivo will be proving to the whole world that it is possible to cram a whole 10GB of RAM into a small handheld device. You will be asking, isn’t an 8GB RAM is alright for a smartphone? But we can never have enough of anything. We always want more, Oliver twisters.

Aside from the aforementioned screen design, the phone will also support 4K resolutions. It will be running on the latest Snapdragon 845 and will have dual camera sensors from Sony (These guys produce one of the best camera lenses in the world, so you will not be disappointed)

Enough of the 10GB RAM thingy, let’s talk about other things that the phone will be coming with.

Vivo will also include their Synaptics’ in-display fingerprint scanner. The one I told you earlier they’ve been competing with Samsung as to who will bring it to the market first.

As if that wasn’t enough, Vivo will also be talking about a “Face ID 2.0” with this smartphone. Although the exact details concerning this feature has not yet been disclosed officially.

A final bullet to your tech-curious brain, The phone is also expected to come with up to 512GB of storage, with a starting capacity of 256GB.

These days, smartphones just keep getting more powerful and sophisticated, courtesy of the tough competition between various OEMs all over the world. Some smartphones can even go to the extent of beating some high-end PCs if they are compared together. A serious example is the 10GB RAMed smartphone we are discussing in this post. I am ashamed to announce that my laptop is running on a miserable 6GB RAM.

Looking at the specs and features of the Vivo Xplay7, together with the idea that it may also be one of the first smartphones with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset, I would say Vivo is up for an exciting 2018.

It’s left for other smartphone brands to play catch-up and meet up with them.