Megan Markle caught again in “Family Wars”

It hasn’t exactly been an easy time for Meghan Markle, the royal Duchess of Sussex. It seems her family is beginning to cause her problems and Megan can’t put up with it much longer. First, the issues started concerning her father, and now it is her step-sister that is against her.

The 37-year-old has had to deal with a lot of things in the royal house, and it seems her family is her most significant problem. Not too long ago, the Duchess had to deal with her sister bashing her to the press, and when that had died down, she currently has to deal with the sister trying to trespass on the royal palace at Kensington.

Having to deal with matters like that doesn’t exactly bother Meghan but what bugs the Royal Princess is the thought of how unpredictable her sister can be. What if she decides to escalate her behaviour? Megan can’t help but be beside herself with worry.

“Meghan’s sister Samantha who is 53 years old was thankfully turned away at the Kensington palace without any big problems but what if she decides to make another wrong move? Now, unfortunately, Meghan has to live in fear of what she can do next” her friend said in an interview with Hollywood life

“Meghan is very relieved that Samantha couldn’t make it past the guard’s and she is very grateful to have the kind of security and protection the palace provides.” In a bid to hear the tale directly from the horse’s mouth, Hollywood life reached out to Kensington Palace for a comment but sadly was unable to reach them.

Earlier this month, Samantha had threatened her half-sister Meghan that she was going to visit the royal palace in England in order to confront her and she made good on her promise. She had promised her sister after she started a social media campaign last year about how Meghan had apparently slighted her after she got involved with her husband, the Royal Prince Harry.

Samantha was seen on October 7th 2018 in pictures obtained by the Mirror getting politely turned away by guards who were stationed at the palace gates after trying and failing several times to pass a note to her sister.

Considering Samantha’s interview with DailyMailTv which could be regarded as volatile which had taken place just after the incident at the gate, Meghan has every right to be skeptical and wary of her sister.

According to the words of Meghan’s friend, “Meghan’s sister Samantha has been pretty much very relentless lately. Megan has to always brace up for whatever comes up next from her sister.”

As regards how Samantha reacted at the gate and how hostile she feels right now, she would inevitably lash out at her sister again. Lately, her sister has continually exhibited unpredictable and hurtful behaviours.

However, when asked about the incident in an interview, Samantha denies the fact that she was turned away at the palace gates. According to her, she said she just travelled all the way from Florida to England to just deliver a letter

She also seized the opportunity to lash out at her sister again. While addressing her sister directly, she said “Let’s cut the crap, you are a woman and life is too short. I believe you have it right there in your heart to do the right thing.”