Mercedes Javid Gets Pregnant at 44

It seems the universe has finally smiled on Mercedes Javid as the 44-year old finally takes in after several years of the inability to conceive. The shahs of sunset star alongside her husband Tommy feight now have a baby on the way after they have tried repeatedly without success.

While the news of the fact that a baby is on the way is an enlightening and amazing news, for this couple, it is particularly a joyful moment for them knowing how much they had craved to conceive for a long period of time.

The question on the lips of many is how did it happen after so many years? What exactly changed or what was done? This were the kind of questions she was asked by fans. Eventually Mercedes Javid popularly known as MJ responded on the kind of steps she had to undertake before she was able to conceive.

In a program named Jeff Lewis live in July, she had revealed that she had to undergo a surgery known as polyp surgery before a round of in-vitro fertilization(IVF) in order for her to be able to increase her chances of being able to conceive.

This entire procedure was explained by a doctor named Dr Zaher Merhi who is the consultant and director of IVF research and development at New hope fertility centre in Manhattan when he was giving an exclusive to concerning the entire topic.

He explained that a polyp is a growth that usually occurs within the cavity of the uterus. Normally, the uterus is like an empty room that is large and spacious enough for the baby to grow and develop.

A polyp then is like an unwanted growth that starts to grow within the uterus therefore eating up the space as well as the nutrients that is meant for the baby’s for growth and development.

A polyp is usually very common among women who are thirty years and above. Asides the uterus, the polyp can be found in so,e other organs and half of the time, it may appear as cancerous. For a large amount of women (almost about 95%) who have been discovered to have polyp were detected via water ultrasounds and these growths can be benign or cancerous as the case may be.

When a patient is screened for polyp and is diagnosed to have polyp, the patient may be put asleep under anaesthesia for a 30 minute hysteroscopy procedure. This is done by the insertion of a camera into the cervix to confirm the presence of a polyp.

After confirmation, the polyp will then be cut off using a small scissors and then it is taken out. Most patients diagnosed with polyp don’t even stay a day after the surgery. For MJ, she was able to take the bold step of coming back to remove the polyp even before considering to go for an IVF.

Although these might hurt or leave a few scars, however, the entire process worked for her. She isn’t just a new mom who had had poly surgery but she is a mom who is excited and proud of her decision.

Getting a polyp surgery is not what needs to be afraid of right now. MJ is one of the lucky ones who had a polyp surgery and still goes ahead to conceive.

We say a very big congratulations to MJ and her husband and we wish them all the best.