Microsoft Developing New Version of BP-Monitoring Glabella Smart Glasses


Microsoft is working on the next version of its smart glasses, called Glabella, it can function as a cuff-less, wearable and unobtrusive blood pressure measuring device, according to the latest report.

The device which incorporates optical sensors, processing, storage and communication components, all integrated into the frame to passively collect physiological data about the user without the need for any interaction, this is stated in a paper published in Proceedings of the ACM Journal of Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies.

The smart glass continuously records the stream of reflected light intensities from blood flow as well as inertial measurements of the users head.

This prototype derives the wearer’s pulse transit time on a beat-to-beat basis from the temporal difference in pulse events across the sensors.

A person’s pulse transit time, the time delay that follows each heartbeat as the pressure wave travels between two arterial sites provides an indirect measure of blood pressure, reported in IEEE Spectrum.

Though the glasses did well in a test run, they are not yet ready to hit store shelves as the Microsoft researchers are planning to evaluate the Glabella glasses in a clinical setting.

The report added that the team is also developing a new version of the device to make it more power efficient while in the process making the frame smaller.

The device is powered currently by a small chargeable coin battery that keeps it running.

The next version aims to shrink the device to such an extent that it could be a chip that can work with any regular glasses, the report added.


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