Microsoft Officially Brings Robot OS to Windows 10


Microsoft has announced an experiment release of “Robot Operating System (ROS1)” for Windows as its next step in bringing features like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), computer vision, Cloud services and other Microsoft technologies to home, commercial, education and industrial robots.

This announcement comes as part of the “ROSCon 2018” that is being held in Madrid Spain where Microsoft is demonstrating a ‘ROBOTIS Turtlebot 3’ robot that recognises and steers towards the person closest to it and runs on the ‘Windows 10 IoT Enterprise’ solution.

“This new development will bring the security and manageability of ‘Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise’ solutions to the ‘ROS’ ecosystem,” Principal Software Engineer, Lou Amadio, Windows IoT, Microsoft wrote in an official blog post late Friday. “ROS” is a set of tools and libraries that are used to build complex, and ‘Windows 10 IoT Enterprise’ delivers enterprise manageability and security solutions to industry based IoT devices used in manufacturing, retail, healthcare and other industries.

Microsoft has joined the ‘ROS Industrial Consortium’, an open source project that extends the advanced capabilities of the ‘ROS’ software to manufacturing and to extend and improve the productivity and return on investment of industrial robots. “Windows has been a trusted partner of industrial and robotics systems for decades, and we are looking forward to bringing a high edge to robotics by bringing more advanced features,” Amadio added.

With the improvements of robots, Microsoft plans to experiment into more advanced development tools. “Microsoft will host the Windows builds for ‘ROS1’ and soon ‘ROS2’, as well as provide development, documentation and deployment solutions for Windows,” wrote Amadio


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