Microsoft Secures Almost Half A Billion Dollars Contract

Microsoft has secured a contract worth $480 million as the tech giant will supply the United States military with as many as 100,000 HoloLens augmented reality headsets for the purpose of training and combat.

Microsoft has beaten other augmented reality headsets companies alike Magic Leap as it has experience in the field, after dominating the enterprise market. The company also has a previous relationship with the military after supplying them with headsets in the past.

“Augmented reality technology will provide troops with more and better information to make decisions,” a Microsoft spokesperson wrote in an email to Bloomberg. “This new work extends our longstanding, trusted relationship with the Department of Defense to this new area.”

According to Bloomberg, the military-grade headsets would vary extensively from the existing HoloLens design. They would include thermal sensing and night vision and be used in both trainings and on the battlefield. Microsoft would be expected to provide at least 2,500 units of the headset to the military branch within the next two years.


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