5 Mistakes Married Women Easily Make

Married Women

Whether you are married, single, or engaged, so long you are a woman, and above eighteen years of age, mistakes married women make, is for you.

A lot takes place when we exchange vows with our men… the supposed love of our lives. However, as time goes on, we tend to forget the words, the promises we made.

It may be intentional or unintentional, but one thing is if you want a happy home, and you love your man, please avoid the following mistakes.

1. Sharing family business with friends and relatives

One of the mistakes married women make is sharing what goes on in the family with friends and relatives. Men and I believe women inclusive will flip out when they hear their private matters being discussed with friends and relatives.

I know you mean well, but men do not like it when you share what’s going on in the house with outsiders.

Unfortunately, some women go to the extent of describing their bedroom business with friends; it is detrimental to your home.

Too many cooks spoil the broth; too many opinions from different people can destroy your relationship.

Furthermore, the best way to avoid this is by making your husband your gossip partner; women love to talk; it’s a way of offloading the emotions raging inside them.

So, if you are a husband reading this, learn to listen to your wife, even if the discussion sounds stupid to you. It’s either you listen, or she shares it with someone else.

2. Disrespecting your husband in public

Another one of the many mistakes married women make is this.

I don’t know what goes on in your home, who wears the trouser in your home but do not give people the impression that your husband is not strong enough to rule the house.

Whether it’s a joke or not, never, and I mean never playfully insult your man in front of anyone, even if other of your friends are doing. Don’t!

The respect your family members accord to your man depends on how much respect you give to him or how you talk about him in his absence or presence.

Do not give room for outsiders, not even your pastor, to speak to your man the way they like.

The way to a man’s heart isn’t just food, but respect.

3. Not taking care of bills

“For what, how can I take care of the bills, when he is the man of the house” simmer down, I don’t mean you should take care of all the bills, or it is your responsibility to take care of everything at home.

No, it is his job, and trust me; every sane man is aware of his duties, which is to protect, provide, and profess (to profess his love for you), among other things.

There could be more, but these three things are essential to developing a happy home, wife, and life. However, as a wife, you do not have to wait for him every time before you do some things in the house, you are his partner and not his maid; only a maid would wait for her boss to come home before settling anything. Now, are you his maid or his partner?

“But if I take care of things, he won’t see the need to help out or give me the money” listen, women, every sensible man knows his wife needs money to run the home.

It is up to you to choose a sensible man or not.

“But I don’t work, where do you expect me to get money to help out?” well, I don’t know the arrangement you and your hubby have, but every woman needs to have a source of income, no matter how small it is.

Also, there are jobs women can do from home; you don’t need to leave the house every day.

From drop shipping, blogging, offering services on Fiverr or Upwork to being a virtual assistant, and taking home lectures for kids.

4. Comparing your husband with other men

Ladies, I don’t know if we still do this, but it is annoying, and it has to stop.

Your man is your man, unique, and tailored-made just for you… at least that’s what you made us believe when you said your vows.

So, please do not compare your husband with other men; you are draining his battery (hurting his ego). No matter how angry you are, never utter words that will hurt him and make him feel less than a man.

Besides, why didn’t you go for the other men if they are that great? Don’t lose what you have, because of the silly words you throw during tantrums.

Your husband deserves better than that.

5. Undermining his authority in front of the kids

Another heavy blow you can give to your husband is directly or indirectly telling your kids not to mind their father.

It is stupid, and you are only showing your kids how weak you and your husband are.

When your husband instructs your kids to do something, or give them something to do as a punishment, please do not go there and tell them not to do it.

If you are such a lady, STOP, STOP, and STOP!

If you feel your husband was too harsh, go to him privately, and speak with him.

Offer alternative ways to solve the problem, and if he insists his way is better, then let him do it. After all, he is the father, the head, and I presume you married a wise man.

So, let him chastise his kids the best way he deems fit.

Also, when your children come to you to ask for something, always refer them to their father, or ask them what their father thinks about it.

It shows you respect his opinions, and so should they.

Children are cunning; they notice parents’ strengths and weaknesses; they will prey on your misunderstandings and ensure they benefit from your conflict.

Please do not give them the room to use your head, and that of your husband’s. Learn to be on the same page as your husband, especially when it comes to decision making.

Please avoid these mistakes married women make.

I hope you find this article helpful. There may be others that are not listed here; if you do have other things, please feel free to use the comment section and teach other readers.

Also, if you find this piece helpful, please share it with friends, neighbors, and even haters; no one deserves an unhappy home.

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