More Than 70% of LGBT People Have Experienced Mental Health Issues

A recent study shows that nearly three-quarters of LGBT people have experienced mental health-related issues because of work.

The survey was commissioned by Business in the Community with HR firm Mercer, and it was discovered that 72% of the LGBT people had experienced mental health problems developed from work. 26% of the LGBT employees said they made the state of their sexuality unknown for fear of being stigmatized and discriminated.

The poll was conducted by YouGov shows that the LGBT people affected by mental health issues were out of proportion and this was published ahead of World Mental Health Day.

The results showed that about 60% of the LGBT workforce are at ease being open about their sexual orientation at work, while 32% in the managerial position have disguised their LGBT status for fear of being stigmatised.

Also, 29% of bisexual employees stated that they had even hidden their identity.

The (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) BAME LGBT employees are alarmingly more than twice as likely as White LGBT employees to have suffered negatively from customers and clients; that is (23% compared to 11%).

Mental health is real, and the matter should be addressed among the LGBT community especially since 7% have been attacked physically by either customers or even colleagues in the last year, and this number has risen even higher in the BAME community to 15%, non-binary people have it at 20% and senior leaders at 30%.

These finding calls for employers to make the working environment more conducive and break the culture of silence that envelops mental health, by investing in primary mental health literacy for ALL employees. In other words, extensive awareness needs to be made to tackle discrimination in work areas.

Nearly half of the LGBT employees stay in their cubicle at work, says a study published earlier this year.

Human Rights Campaign through a survey, found that 46% of LGBT employees in the US hide their sexual orientation at their workplace. Legalized shows a 4% decrease from HRC’s 2008 Degrees of Equality report, which was created before Obama’s presidency, before same-sex marriage was legalised in the US and before transgender became a protuberant issue in the civil right struggle in the US. Jokes about lesbian or gay people have been said to spite about 53% of LGBT workers.

It was also reported that one in at least five gay employees had made reports to HRC about their colleagues at work telling them to dress in a more feminine or masculine style. This development invariably increases the level of depression in the LGBT workforce as nearly one-in-three LGBT people said they feel unhappy.