More Transgender People Get Suicidal as Trump Plans to Legally Erase the Term Transgender

A suicide hotline for transgender people has reportedly recipients four times as many calls as it used to receive ever since the was revealed that the president Trump administration wants to legally eliminate the existence of transgender people.

There Suicide hotline known as trans lifeline, which is the only suicide hotline to have all transgender employees reported via offers social media accounts on the 23rd of last month that it has had to attend to twice as many first time callers than is normal. The leaked memo of the Department of Health and Human Services’ which was published on October 21st by the new York times proposed to redefine the sex of a person as unchangeably male or female from when he or she is born which would mean the official death of the term transgender. After the leaked memo was published, the president later confirmed that his administration was considering imposing a fresh transgender policy.

Sam Ames who is the director of TransLife told teen Vogue during an interview that this new revelation has had a “direct and immediate impacts on real lives. This is bad news, but it isn’t new news.”

Ames added that “Playing politics with civil rights of a vulnerable population has consequences. But moments like this are exactly why Trans Lifeline exists. Our hotline intervenes at the moment of crisis,”

He proceeded to make an appel to cis-gender people ( those who identify as their birth gender) to talk to other cis-gender people about the challenges trans people are facing and to also donate to charities and other causes that are geared towards supporting trans people in various ways.

Ames also promised to continue to support and fight for the rights of transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people that are likely going to get affected by the proposed HHS change in policy.

The memo that was leaked and published caused trans people to stage a protest with the theme “We will not be erased” in different locations around the United States of America including the Washington state, new York city, and outside the white House. Also around 1,500 parents of trans children from across 50 states in the United States wrote an open letter to the president and vice president of the United States of America calling them “bullies”.

The parents said that the new proposal was “the latest cruel attempt in a long line of attacks to diminish the existence and humanity of our children and to dismantle their basic human and civil rights. We want to make this very clear—when our children are under attack, we will fight like hell to protect them.”

The letter added that “We fear every day that our children will encounter bullies but we never imagined that the most threatening bullies would be in the White House. These children—all children—deserve to be treated with love, respect and acceptance. Our children cannot be reduced to a deeply flawed, debunked understanding of what makes us the people we are. Our children know who they are, and we know what they need.”

People who have been getting suicidal as a result of the proposal or for any other reason are advised to place a call through to the suicide help lines in their locality and get help immediately.