MTN Nigeria Rolls Out Matrix Phone Trade-In


MTN is always on the look out for ways of improving new and existing services to better customers life. It’s no wonder they were the first to start the mobile phone trade in sometime in 2013 in collaboration with Nokia, which allowed users to trade in their old Nokia devices for new Nokia devices. The service was however terminated following undisclosed circumstances.
mtn matrix phone trade in
Fast forward to 2015, MTN is at it again. The number 1 mobile telecommunication network in Nigeria has started a revamped phone trade-in system, this time with MATRIX Certified Pre-Owned Nigeria Limited, a leading name in pre-owned devices. Matrix is currently in partnership with SLOT to offer phone-swap/trade-in with customers by exchanging with a little payment for the new device. MTN- Matrix trade-in is expected to follow suit with the simple procedure being used by SLOT and Matrix .i.e. a customer is expected just walk into any MTN store, hand in thier old phone, pay the price difference and walk out with a brand new phone.

At the moment, we are not yet sure of the brands eligible for the phone swap from MTN. SLOT Limited have just four brands eligible – Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung and Nokia. It’s likely MTN would retain the same brands as SLOT. We would be expecting a feedback from the telecommunication network.