MTN Pulse: Probably The Best Tariff In Nigeria At The Moment

New MTN Pulse is the best tariff plan to happen to competition. With 500Naira for 1GB, 25 naira all night browsing what more can you ask for?

With the quest to market domination, telecommunications companies in Nigeria are going hard with the competition, trying to stay on top of the market with varieties of offers. Just recently, NTEL – a spinoff of old NITEL re-emerged with a vengeance in the country, offering 4G LTE data services for select locations (Lagos, Abuja.etc), Nigeria’s number one Telecom merchant – MTN – in a bid not to be out-done would be establishing it’s own 4G LTE services in the coming months.

Call rates in the country are still pretty high, but there a few tariffs which are still interesting low. One of such is the new revamped MTN PULSE. MTN has had PULSE since as far back as 2010, but the tariff has had series of changes till date. The new MTN Pulse tariff is all shades of goodness so to speak, as it covers the basic necessities needed in a tariff plan; better call rates and cheaper data rates.

Jumping on the new MTN PULSE bandwagon is recommended for anybody in need of a better tariff plan.

What do you stand to gain with the new MTN PULSE?

The new MTN PULSE has defined data packages targeted at only subscribers on the tariff plan. Subscribers on the new MTN PULSE would enjoy 1GB of data for just 500Naira with a validity of 7days. This means that with 2,000 Naira per month, you get 4GB of Data. There’s also the added benefit of all night browsing for just 25Naira. Meaning you get to keep up date with your favorite series by downloading/streaming latest episodes between 12:00 -4:00AM for only 25Naira!

If you are a lover of music, MTN Music+ app would be unlimited for you daily with a charge of just 10 Naira per day. The best part is the call rates at just 11k per second, you can call ALL NETWORKS in Nigeria everyday after using 10Naira that day.

The new MTN PULSE is probably the best tariff plan in the country at the moment, why not jump aboard today? To migrate to MTN PULSE dial *406# and follow the prompt.