UPDATE: New ‘Powerful’ Samsung Device Coming, Scores A Massive 90K On AnTuTu


Samsung is the king of mobile, and we all know it. The smartphone coy could be planning a more monstrous beast than the current flagships S6 and S6Plus.
Antutu of s7
According to a Chinese styled AnTuTu report screenshot, a new Samsung smartphone with model SM-G8508S is set to upset the current kings of smartphone. The device blasts through AnTuTu database with a smashing 95,900 points. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Plus are currently the heavy weights with records of 70,000points, so this new device leads the pack with well over 20,000 points.

There’s rumours this mystery smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 test mule. There’s no word on what kind of chipset slammed into this beast, but a snapdragon 820 soc, or even an in-house developed next-gen Samsung Exynos chipset could well be what we are up against.

We’ll stay glued!

UPDATE: Well, what do you know. Folks have done a little digging and believe the mystery device was mastered afterall. It seems the supposed super-power is actually a not-too-impressing Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Southeast Asian model) which scored just 38,997 on AnTuTu. Well, we’ll definitely live to see a beast scattering the 100k points on AnTuTu, but our mystery device wouldn’t be the guy it seems.


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