Nicki Minaj Says She’s Dating Two Men but She’s Single

Ever since Nicki Minaj and Meek Mills pathed ways, fans have been curious about Nicki’s Love life. Interestingly, the “Chun Li” rapper has been able to keep every romance a secret.

However, If there is one person who can squeeze out any information from anyone to chooses without having to put a gun to the fellows head, It’s Ellen DeGeneres.

In the preview of the 16th season of the Ellen DeGeneres show which is set to be aired on Tuesday, The “Pills and Potions” Singer reluctantly discussed her current stand in the romance industry.

Ellen began by saying “Let’s talk about your love life,”  but Nicki didn’t seem comfortable with that line of discussion, and she had to ask ” Why?”

Ellen replied, “Because last time I got it out of you that you were with Nas, and—” Nicki Minaj cuts her off with a “No! I didn’t say I was with Nas,” Nicki says, referring to her appearance on the show in 2017. “I said I chilled. I hung out with him. And he and I are still good friends.”

Ellen DeGeneres suggested that her guest had also “chilled” with Meek Mills and Drake, Nicki wanted to set the record straight about those stories also. “No, no, no. I was in a relationship with Meek for a while, which ended, and it was a very toxic something,” Nicki clarified. “But we had some good times, and we ended that. And then, Drake? I’ve never been in a relationship with Drake.”

Ellen went further to let the cat out of the bag saying that she heard Minaj is dating a “new boy,” adding, “I have my people.” Nicki replied, “I know! How do you know? Who’s giving you this information, Ellen?” The rapper then said she’s seeing not one, but two different boys. “There is a new boy, but he and I have kind of fell back a little bit,” The “Anaconda” rapper said. “And then there’s like a newer—”

DeGeneres asked  “so, there’s a newer new boy? How new is this new boy?”

“Fairly new,” Nicki Replied.

DeGeneres found her response funny and asked with a laugh  “Like, as long as the hair’s been on your head?”

“No. He’s been around for a couple weeks now,” Nicki said. “But I don’t have a boy.”

“Look, I’m just chilling. I’ve always been in a relationship my whole life. I was in a relationship since I was 15 years old. This is the first time that I’m single, and I’m happier. I’m more free—and it’s OK. I used to feel like I had to have a man, I swear. My whole adult life I felt like I had to have a man,” the rapper emphasized. “I want the women out here to know you absolutely don’t.”

“Amen, sister, I want women to know also: You don’t need a man.” The host replied.

There you have it, The Queen radio host Nicki has two men on the background but none in her heart at the moment. And Oh! the full interview premiers on Tuesday and Nicki promises to  “give deserving and unsuspecting fans the ultimate surprise of a lifetime!” as she performs some songs from her new album “Queen”.