Nikon D4 Review and Price

With each passing year, Nikon launches its best creative efforts embracing its fans with some amazing and feature filled cameras. Last year we experienced the amazing Nikon D4 which showcased some unique and out of the box features making it amongst the most popular cameras around town. Delighting the professional photographers with its manual scheming eliminating automatic controls, it has given a new meaning to precision and detailing in images.

This greatly enhanced digital SLR camera is one of the greatest cameras you will find in the market today. Providing better quality than its predecessors, it is highly functional and versatile that allows you to capture images as well as videos. It performs at a high speed and delivers superior quality images with it pixel count of about 16.2 million. Let us study this camera in detail and list down some of its specifications.

Nikon D4 Review

Specs of Nikon D4:

•    Nikon D4 is designed and manufactured using high quality materials that are durable ensuring rigidity and steadiness of the camera. Also the camera can withstand weather conditions because of the style it has been packed in making it resistant to damage.

•    Sensor: Embedded with a 16MP FX (24 x 36mm) CMOS sensor, the camera produces some magnificent quality images with crisp and fine details. For large size images it delivers a resolution of 4,928 x 3,280 pixels, for medium or 9MP images it shows a resolution of 3,696 x 2,456 pixels and for smaller shot like 4MP it brings in a resolution of 2,464 x 1,640. It is also capable of cropping these images into sizes of 20 x 30mm, 16 x 24mm and 24 x 30mm.

•     Handling of the camera is very comfortable and navigating through it also easy with buttons located at appropriate positions. It is lightweight and thus does not trouble you much while carrying it around for shooting.

•    ISO: The ISO range covered by this device ranges from ISO 100 – 12,800 in full, half or third stops and ISO 50 to ISO 204,800 for other modes.

•    White Balance: the camera has various modes with fine tuning like Auto, incandescent, fluorescent, direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shade, preset manual and more.

•    AF: Nikon D4 has 51 AF points including 15 cross type sensors out of which 11 work with f/8 lenses. It is also capable of working with auto and manual focus lenses of f/5.6 and faster.

•    It supports file formats like JPG, NEF 12 or 14 bit or uncompressed, NEF + JPG, TIFF and more. The videos are recorded in H.264 or MPEG4 format and stored as .MOV files.

Key Features:

•    full-frame sensor with 16.2 effective megapixel

•    10fps shooting with AF and AE

•    ISO Range 100-12,800 which can be extended from 50 – 204,800

•    MultiCAM 3500FX Autofocus sensor works in lower light and with smaller apertures

•    Setting the shooting orientation with two sub-selector joystick/buttons

•    91,000 pixel sensor for metering, white balance, flash exposure, face detection and active d-lighting

•    1080p30 HD video at up to 24Mbps with uncompressed video output

•    Embedded with new EN-EL18 battery that has a capacity of 21.6Wh and can capture 2600 shots

•    Twin card slots namely Compact Flash and XQD


Nikon D4 Price in India is approximately $3,999.99 on Amazon.

Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR with Full 1080p HD Video (Body Only)


Nikon D4 is an ideal camera for capturing images and videos of high quality for professional or everyday shooting needs. You can capture sports activities, wildlife, events, birthdays, outdoor activities, marriages and more with this camera with high quality and efficiency.


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