Nokia Lumia Series Phones


The Lumia series of smartphones was developed by Nokia as a ‘response’ to their market being taken by companies like Apple and Samsung. Ever since 1988, Nokia has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile phones in the world. But with the advent of modern technologies, and the introduction of touch-screen smartphones, their market shares have been going down exponentially. Something had to be done in order boost sales, and what Nokia came up with, was the result of their long-term relationship with Microsoft – namely building a smartphone from the ground up and using Windows Phone as the operating system of choice. On September 2013, Microsoft officials announced that the company is going to buy the Lumia and Asha brands of devices as soon as 2014. Of course all future Nokia smartphones will remain property of the Nokia corporation, but they still might be using a Windows Phone-line of operating systems.

Nokia Lumia Series

As far as the phones are concerned, the Lumia series had a fantastic start marketing their flagship smartphone, the Lumia 800. The device is stylish, powerful and fairly easy to operate. Unlike Android, the Windows Phone OS is intuitive and very easy to master. The phones are relatively cheaper than their iPhone and Android counterparts, and some newer series boast the camera sensors to be ever installed on a smartphone.

How it all began: Nokia Lumia 800

We will start by mentioning that this is the first ever Nokia-phone to be running on a Windows Phone operating system. First released in November 2011, this phone was Nokia’s hope to reclaim their former glory; and as evidence will show they have done a fantastic job so far.This device is truly the spark which gave the Nokia the fighting chance they so desperately needed. Even now, most of the Lumia smartphones share a common heritage with this first Lumia 800 masterpiece. Nokia’s attempt to break through the iPhone/Samsung monopoly was more than successful. And with their latest


Even though the device is running on Windows Phone OS, it features some unique Nokia applications, such as Nokia Drive; Nokia Music and Nokia maps. Microsoft did provide an application called Office 365 (which is basically a modified version of the Microsoft Office suite). The device is really easy to use; surpassing the Android OS in terms of GUI and ease of accessing the phone’s functions.


When Nokia Lumia 800 was first introduced back in 2011, it had all the right components to rival any smartphone of that generation. Boasting a 3.7″ AMOLED display – cased in Gorilla Glass protective cover, the device is still to this day, among the best looking smartphones to ever come off an assembly line. We do have to mention that it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops for the people who first purchased this phone. Before Nokia figured out what is happening, there were some nasty issues that really made the overall genius of the phone look tarnished. Indeed, if you have gotten this phone two years ago, you would have found a battery that doesn’t charges unless using a 1000mA charger. Also there were some issues with the sound quality (when connected to low impedance headphones) and the keyboard disappeared when trying to use it. Of course all of these issues have been addressed and fixed; leaving the world, and Nokia, with a phone series like no other.



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