OIO Publisher Review: Best WordPress ads Manager Plugin

Welcome to yet another review on Geekized, previously we reviewed Justretweet a Twitter retweet exchange  service i suggest you check it out 😀 . Today i will be reviewing one of the wordpress plugin i use here on ideacrunch, it’s an ad manager plugin called OIO Publisher plugin. You all will agree with me that, bloggers go through lots of stress in getting an approved adsense account, not only that it’s even hard to get approved by Buysellads. I have been rejected by this 2 companies on several occasions, so i decided to get myself a copy of oio publisher 😎 . 

Infact one of the best way a blogger can make a residual income online is through selling of direct ads to advertisers. This WordPress plugin works like Crankyads, maxblogpress banner manager but it’s very advanced because you can use it on any website.

OIO Publisher Review

What is OIO Publisher ?

OIO Publisher is an ad manager which enables you sell ads on your blogs or website, maximise your revenue, save time and energy, best of all keep you in total control of your ad space.

You can sell and serve ads on any website using the php script or the wordpress plugin.

Features of OIO Publisher


  • install OIOpublisher as a WordPress plugin or a standalone platform
  • sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews, etc
  • display ads on any website you own using php or javascript
  • no empty spaces, show your own affiliate or default ads until slots are purchased
  • convert website visitors to sales staff using the inbuilt affiliate program
  • custom purchases also allow you to sell digital products

Time Saving

  • installation is simple using the web installer, no more manual file uploading
  • enitrely automated, all ad purchases and expirations handled automatically
  • one-click ad management lets you spend more time on other things
  • click and impression tracking, plus weekly ad reports emailed to advertisers
  • integrated marketplace helps you sell your ads


  • after purchasing, you’ll receive first-class support, at no extra cost
  • the support forum offers tutorials, as well as answers to any questions you have
  • development work is always ongoing, and one-click updates are supported


  • use the ad manager on an unlimited number of sites (providing you own them)
  • submit an unlimited number of your sites to our ad marketplace
  • earn 50% commission on all sales of OIOpublisher, via our affiliate program

Benefits of using OIO Publisher

Below are some of the reasons, i love this plugin and I know you will like it too after reading this review. I know lots of bloggers that are using it to manage their ads.

Multiple Payment options: Well this is the main reason of me getting OIO publisher plugin, since PayPal is not available in my country i needed something that offers this option and so OIO plublisher came to the rescue.

Multiple Ads: this is another powerful option you can’t find elsewhere, with this plugin you can sell text ads, banner ads, inline ads, sponsored post/reviews, videos and a custom option to sell any other things like ebook.

Unlimited Coupons: with this OIO publisher wordpress plugin, you can create coupons for various ads space for any period of time

Tracking: With inbuilt tracking system you can track impressions and clicks of any ads space you have created

Automation: With OIO Publisher plugin, there is ease of buying and selling ads on your blog.

Market place: Just like buysellads, crankyads, OIO has a market place, this is where all the blogs that uses this plugin are being listed.

Support: OIO publisher plugin has a support forum, were you can submit your problems.  You can click here to visit the support forum.

Affiliates Management: With this plugin you can set up an affiliate program, were your readers can refer advertisers and get paid for it 😎



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