All About Older Women and Younger Men Relationships

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Over the past decades we have experienced a rise in relationships involving younger men and older women.

It has become a trend for lots of celebrities from Mariah Carey to Demi Lovato. It appears that the magnet that draws older ladies to younger men ranges from mixing ages, interests, and backgrounds.

And what makes younger guys interested in such relationships is the mentality that these women are usually stronger. However, this is where we need to back up a little so it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to dumb down the whole concept of cougar dating.

Most ‘cougars’ our ladies who have achieved success above average when it comes to their careers such women single-handedly worked hard to ensure that they close the gender gap.

They did all the code to work their way up your organisational ladder in times when women were less in such positions of high authority.

Women like this are usually creative empowered and born to lead above all they do not shy away from any form of challenge.

Despite the fact that the gender gap is still very much in existence women like this have managed to not only work their way to the top but found a permanent spot right there.

While men around such a woman’s age would be afraid of how successful she has become and how powerful she might be, men of the younger generation are rather drawn to them than scared.

The reason for this is that they have sisters, mothers, and aunties around the world who have also struggled to attain such success.

And for that reason, they are used to this kind of women and attracted to what they can provide financially sexually emotionally and even romantically.

Presenting yourself as a romantically available and approachable young woman

It is very common for older women who are interested in getting into a relationship with younger men to struggle with different identities that reside inside their heads.

The most used identity by this women is that of a person of authority, especially because we usually spend most of our time at work. To successful women, being authoritative is something that comes naturally. However, the trick is not to come off as a mom in the relationship.

See to it that the younger man takes the lead from time-to-time. Give him the opportunity to plan some of the dates, encourage his passions and dreams, even though it is obvious you’re not in the same place career-wise or in life.

Let his vitality and energy come to life and when it comes to intimacy allow him to dominate at least, you do have the right to blow his mind with your sexual skills but first of all enjoy what he has to offer.

Hopefully with time the both of you would forget about the age difference and finally settle into your relationship as equal lovers and partners.

Being that young and confident man who will be taken seriously

Younger men who find women who are older exciting and provocative and are not afraid to go ahead and tell them they are interested in having a relationship are usually face with a simple dilemma- will this woman take me seriously.

The simple technique to tackle such a situation is to figure out what this lady takes the most riding and make sure to compliment her about those accomplishments whenever you can.

There are two reasons why you should never be too shy to show your admiration

1. No matter who a person maybe he or she would always want to be adored and loved just because she is successful and beautiful does not mean you are not. You should always offer compelling conversation topics creative date ideas and also demonstrate your interest in her I sending her nice text messages and flowers.

2. The ultimate goal in every relationship is to find a mutually rewarding emotional experience one that honours both of your desires and wishes. Once you put in enough effort to see that the age question disappeared without a trace would find yourself building a partnership that is based on joint interests and goals.

You will then stop wondering what wrong with you for attracting men who are younger or while you are more attracted to women who are older when you can easily find cute girls of your age.

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