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OnePlus One : Would You Smash Your $600 Smartphone for This?


Less than a few months since the rave of the moment One Plus emerged with mouth watering specs without beating about the bush or marketing gimmicks, the “flagship killer” as it’s fondly called is set to DESTROY big names – well not by itself, with your own hands with it’s smash the past competition.


OnePlus One, the epic entrance


Officially, OnePlus One 1+ is actually just a week old but the buzz it’s created so far is just EPIC. The OnePlus smartphone coy founded by former Oppo employees came with a superb entrance super producers like Samsung, HTC, Apple would sure to envy. Without any marketing adverts and thus saving a substantial sum, thereby reducing the price of the OnePlus One to the bearest minimum, the OnePlus One is just $300 and has aroused a lot of fanbase worldwide, partly due to the customized cyanogenMod  115 fixed in it to run Google’s open-source Android OS.

So would you smash you over 300$ smartphone for “a chance” to get a $300 smartphone?

The buzz of the moment is the “SMASH the PAST” competition set up OnePlus for eager enthusiasts to stand a chance to be the first set of folks to own a grand $300 OnePlus One smartphone, but… would you destroy your brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G2, Sony Xperia Z2 for a $300 piece of emerging mobile phone company’s new device which cost half the price?”

Well, if you answer is NO, I definitely understand your point of view, but then again, if your answer is no, then I implore you to go over to YouTube and watch how flagship users have entirely ruined their devices in hopes of getting a device half the price.


OnePlus One Smartphone Specifications

• 5.5 Inch 1080p LTPS Display from JDI
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
• Quad Core 2.5GHz w/ Adreno 330 Graphics
• 16GB / 64GB of Internal Storage
• 13MP Rear facing Camera with 6 Sensors
• 5Mp Front Camera
• 3,100 mAh Battery
• CyanogenMod 11s
• 2G/3G/4G
• 152.9mm x 75.9mm x 8.9mm

So, please do let me know in the comment form below if you would totally smash your device for the OnePlus One device.

  1. BestMobs Admin says

    I wouldn’t smash my Nokia C-5 but the OnePlus One is a good deal, but not as good as Xiaomi Redmi Note which goes for just $130(1GB RAM) $160(2GB RAM)

    1. Charles d' Maestro says

      Thank you for dropping by Somtoo 😀 I think I would check out that Xiaomi ish…

    2. Abhijith S says

      Well, Xiaomi has got better models on this range and also the sub $100 range. They have been expanding their business out side china. Their recently released Redmi 1s is already a huge hit in India. They blow the competition out of the water. Also their Mi 4 matches the specs of One Plus One. Wait till we get hands on a Mi 4! (Btw, I’m a xiaomi user, and I know it’s quality!) this is a comparison of the redmi 1s with moto g and zenfone 5

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  5. Linda says

    Im wondering if i could use this article on my webpage. I’m asking the writers permission first and hope to get an answer back from you. Ofcourse i will place the link back to your site.

    1. Kingsley Felix says


  6. Anna Smith says

    I am not go with Oneplus will iPhone 6 will launch; because everyone is waiting for iPhone 6 in month of September. But This Oneplus having Great features including Quad-core Processor and Ram. 🙂
    Thanks for adding detailed review.

  7. Rajat says

    Amazing I must say, these smartphones other mobile phone giants a hard time. OnePlus, Xiaomi and a lot more to come…..we may call this the 3rd Gen of Smartphone Era 😀

  8. Zuhri ma'arif says

    Hay bro
    how about price Zenfone 5 or 6, its relevance?

  9. Prashanth says

    One Plus One is one of the best smartphones out there. Between Good post 🙂

  10. pankaj bhatt says

    one plus is offering nothing new so m not gonna smash a huge amount of $6oo on it rather on wasting my money on it i will add more bucks and then i will go for i phone 6…waiting for you….

  11. Rosi says

    One Plus One is the best smartphone which i like the most.Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amit says

    I am little bit confused whether to order a One Plus or not. Any certified buyer here? Please suggest me whether it is good and as works as featured? Because I am using Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S currently, It started with a full mind blowing features on table but when I started using it, it shows so many problems. After opening the social forum, I shocked that many of the users are reporting the same problems. That;s why trying to be sure that I am not going to buy the disgusting thing like my current phone again.

  13. Jimmy says

    I agree completely; Xiaomi and Zenfone could possibly be the strongest competitor for OnePlusOne. Still waiting for a review of both phones are here 🙂


    It has been boosted with heavy hardwares but da only cons is there is no mmc card slot… If they launch another model with mmc card slot i will definitely buy that one… 😀

  15. BITSOD says

    One Plus One is one of the best smartphone according to its price ans features.

  16. Ruth says

    Why take a perfectly good smartphone and destroy it just to get another one for $300/. That’s foolish!

  17. oussa says

    nice share! 🙂 i really appreciate your post! so helpful

  18. Subodh Gupta says

    The specs of OnePlus One are amazing. Just wondering if some who has actually used it, can provide a review. Considering the company is new, not sure how this smartphone will actually perform

  19. Barra says

    One Plus One is good smartphone,.. nice article.

  20. Kenny says

    Hey bro Its really an nice article.. After reading this, i would like to write about in my webpage… Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  21. Ajay Kumar says

    This was an awesome piece of info you wrote there. I actually couldn’t leave your blog without reading each and every words of your article. Keep it up blogger.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Good to hear that

  22. Harsh says

    Specs of one plus one are obviously amazing but out of my budget, will try to test it once at least for the time being i am with xiaomi.

  23. Ruth says

    The OnePlusOne smartphone doesn’t sound like it’s any different than any other phone accept for the price. Why spend lots of money on a smartphone when you have one that works.

  24. Shahbaz Sayyed says

    Just ordered this beast.. Very much excited for this! 🙂

  25. Sangeeth says

    Well, I would actually 😉

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