Oppo teases the F3 Plus – wide-angle selfies now


Oppo’s next-gen ‘Selfie expert’, as the company likes to call its F-series smartphones, is due for announcement in a couple of days, and the company is making sure we know full well what’s in store. Following yesterday’s Facebook teaser, Oppo has also published a promo video on YouTube showcasing the F3 Plus’ selfie prowess.

The main takeaway from the ad is that one of the front-facing cameras will have a wide-angle lens – for those of you that can’t otherwise fit all your friends in the frame. Previous leaks point to a 16MP+8MP camera combo, and if we were to guess, it would be the 8MP one that gets the wide-angle optics.

The one-minute clip also gives a detailed 360-degree view of the F3 Plus – there’s little left for Oppo to surprise us come launch day. If want to keep the suspense alive, don’t watch the video below, otherwise hit the play button.


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