Patent Shows That Apple Could Be Working on Its Own Foldable iPhone


Foldable screens and smartphones are not just something only seen in the movies anymore. Samsung seems to have one almost ready to reach the market as they seem to be the ones ahead when it comes to foldable devices, even though other manufacturers have also shown interest or hinted that they are working on this same technology.

Unsurprisingly, Apple seems to also be in that category of Tech Company heading that direction. Several patent applications by the Cupertino company, along with a more recent one, titled “Electronic device with wrap around display”, is a clear indication and a Bank of America analyst also thinks that it will be Apple’s next big thing, pointing to launch by 2020.

However, it seems like Apple is going for OLED displays, which is understandable. They are made of individual pixels, thus making it possible to them to be manipulated in ways that LCDs cannot.

Although, it seems that Apple is not just going for a ‘conventional’ design at least if you consider Samsung’s take on the foldable phone to be the proper design choice. In this patent, Apple seems to have presented a “wrap-around” device, which extends a foldable display all around the device.

On a previous patent, the choice went to a scroll-like design, in which you primarily unrolled the display out of two opposite cylinders. We have to go back to 2016 to find a patent with a design that can resemble the Samsung foldable phone.

It seems that foldable smartphones and screen will be among us very soon. Another good example is LG’s rollable OLED display, which was presented at this year’s CES. With a lot of companies working their version of a foldable phone, it comes as no shock that Apple will not be left out and comes up with its own foldable devices.

However, it seems like it will still take a while before those devices are ready for market, so let’s keep our fingers cross and see what unfolds.

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