Pokimane Net Worth

Pokimane Net Worth

Pokimane, also known as Pokimane or Imane Anys, is a famous Twitch streamer and internet celebrity. She is known globally for streaming games, such as league of legends, Valorant, and Fortnite.

Her net is worth $1 million. If you wonder what Pokimane is all about, worry no more because this article has you covered.

It will give you an insight into Pokimane net worth.

Pokimane early life

She was born in Morocco on 14/May/ 1996. However, later her parents relocated to Canada, where they settled. Pokimane commenced living USA, California, and she started becoming famous because of streaming on a well-known stream video platform, called Twitch TV.

Furthermore, she commenced streaming in 2013 as she studied at McMaster University in Ontario, situated in Canada.

Later, she quitted university and left for California for full-time streaming. Besides, she is among the first streamers to have ever engaged in casual conversation with the audience.

This led to the launching of a just chatting category, officially introduced in 2018. Bear in mind that she is 24 years old with a height of 5″ 3″ and a weight of at least 55Kg.

Pokimane’s net worth

The Pokimane net worth is approximately between $1 – 2 million. Similarly, she has over 5 million followers on a famous streaming platform, Twitch.

This also applies to live stream games, such as league f legends, Valorant, and Fortnite. She launched her YouTube channel in 2013 and commenced posting her videos. Here, she has 2.9 million subscribers with over 30 million views.

In 2013 December, she established a Twitter account, where she would share random thoughts and tweets. However, it did not take her a longer duration to get established on Twitter because she had already grown famous on YouTube.

Moreover, her net worth is earned from her content creation career from YouTube and Twitch, using sourced revenue from the sponsored deals, sponsored streams, ads, and donations.

On the other hand, the Disguised toast suggests in an offline TV video suggests that Pokimane gets the highest net worth because she is famous on Twitch.

You must know that she grew famous by posting gameplay videos on Twitch via live streaming and YouTube.

Along her career line, she is also running a clothing line combined with automatic Fabrics, selling clothes for both women and men.

How does Pokimane make money?

Pokimane makes money via offline TV and content creation. During the streaming war between YouTube, Mixers, and Twitch in early 2020.

She had to sign an excellent deal with your Amazon-owned streaming platform. This multi-year deal has secured her a large amount of capital for the foreseeable future.

Besides, this has also allowed her to develop content that genuinely interests her and not chase viewers.

Pokimane fun facts

You must know that Pokimane’s unique background and personality have contributed significantly to her influence and net worth efficiently.

Furthermore, there are several amazing facts about Pokimane;

  • She likes posting videos related to Greek subscription boxes, narrating random stories, vlogging, unboxing, and gameplays.
  • She fluently communicates in English and French languages
  • Pokimane is a mother’s daughter, and the mother is her manager as well as a best friend.
  • She is a Canadian and Moroccan who loves Chinese food and loves to consume a healthy diet.
  • She pursued Chemical Engineering at McMaster University


With the post above, you are now familiar with Pokimane; through her dedication and hard work, she has made a net worth of between $1 – $2 million. She has had many followers on famous streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter, among many more platforms.

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