Poly: Google’s New Library, Helps You to Ease Your Creation of AR and VR Contents


The recent rise of the Virtual and Augmented reality industry has garnered a lot of attention, and Google, being one of the biggest players in the industry have taken a step to further advance the development of the VR/AR community, with its recent launch of Poly, an open library of 3D objects and scenes, to ease creation of VR/AR contents.Google Poly

Poly features integration with Blocks, a platform for creating 3D objects with and of course Tilt Brush, a platform for painting, and editing 3D models.

Google Poly

Poly has a wide range of 3D objects ranging for artists to select from, with categories ranging from Animals and Creatures to People and Characters, so if you’ve always wanted to use some Pokemon characters in your app, this will save you some of the stress of searching for the model or even creating one yourself.

Poly also allows you to upload content for other artists to use as they share with you their creations as well. The user can also edit models found on Poly and re-upload them, for which Google automatically adds credits to the original.

Most of the objects come in a low-poly style like in Blocks, Google’s app for creating low poly 3D objects for VR. This decision according to Google owes to the fact that its VR platform Daydream, is resource intensive and making the objects low-polygon will obviously allow for fast rendering, therefore leading to better overall performance.

A 3D, VR or AR artist? Or just an admirer of the industry, be sure to check out Poly.

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