Popular Torrent Tracker Leechers Paradise Goes Offline after 12 Years


While YouTube is trying to ward off European Union’s new copyright law Article 13, one of the largest torrent tracking websites “Leechers Paradise” has already taken the back the seat and called it quits after 12 good years of serving the torrenting community.

Leechers Paradise had been the longest-standing tracker server, and it’s possible that you would have seen its name pop-up in the tracker list that is if you are into torrenting.

The EU’s upcoming copyright legislation will require content uploads to be screened before being made available to the public and it would not have been possible to run the biggest non-profit tracker and scan the content based on the new laws. Thus, Leechers Paradise has resolved to put an end to its services.


For those that are familiar with torrent tracking, these are servers which help other torrent clients to get in touch with each other to transfer content and also let you download it. Those who download these files are called leechers while everyone who has the full copy of the data and is allowing others download is a seeder; Leechers Paradise served as a link between these two categories of people.

In a goodbye post on the website, operator Eddie said, “Sadly after 12 years, I am calling it quits. The new EU copyright law Article 13 requires that all uploads are to be screened. It’s impossible which would make this site illegal.” and well, it seems like the data centre hosting the server is also taking steps to prepare for Article 13 and has asked Eddie’s website to be switch providers.

Further, as you can see in the picture attached below, Leechers Paradise was being used to serve the torrenting needs of almost 132 million people at the end of July this year. We also get a peek at the daily traffic, which ranges to a whopping 4.2TB


While Leechers Paradise may have shut down under the pressure of Article 13, this, in no way means that torrent tracking will come to a halt anytime soon. There’re many other platforms out there that can attend to your torrenting needs, but this is still a big blow to the torrenting community.


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