Porsche Recalls All 2003-06 Cayennes Over Fuel Leak


Porsche is recalling the Cayenne over a potential (but apparently minor) fuel leak. The recall, announced by the manufacturer, affects an estimated 50,145 vehicles in the United States from the 2003 to 2006 model years.

Given that Porsche sold a total of 55,210 examples of the Cayenne in the United States in those four years, the campaign would ostensibly affect nearly all the vehicles sold during that period.


The problem comes down to the fuel pump filter flange, which could develop hairline cracks “after extended usage and time.” As a result, “a very small quantity of fuel might seep out causing a fuel odor.” There’s no mention, however, of any risk of a fire igniting, as is typically the danger with fuel leaks.

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Dealers are being instructed to replace the fuel filter flange on those affected vehicles, in a process which is estimated to take about an hour and a half on each vehicle. That amounts to over 75,000 hours of work. In other words, if just one technician were to undertake all those repairs alone, it would take him (or her) eight and a half years of working around the clock, seven days a week, without break, to complete them all. Fortunately Porsche has more authorized mechanics in America to share the workload.


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