Prince Jackson Explains Why He Won’t Post a Public Tribute to His Late Dad on His 60th Birthday

Fans and friends of the deceased king of pop celebrated what would have been his 60th birthday yesterday. Pictures and tributes from fans and family members flooded the internet as people remembered the late pop star and the role played in the music industry while he was alive. People grieve and celebrate differently, and Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson has decided to show how different he likes to do things.

Earlier yesterday as people celebrated, one fan decided to ask why Prince Jackson was yet to post a picture or tribute in honour of his late father. “It’s your dad’s birthday,” the Instagram user wrote. “Expecting a post from you for him.”

Prince didn’t find the message funny and ultimately decided to share the message and his warning with all his followers.

“If you expect anything from me you will get nothing. I see a plethora of stupid messages like this on a daily basis. This is my account that is public to everyone, and I will use it as I see fit,” Prince wrote. “If you’d like to see birthday posts for my dad look at what I’m tagged in.”

Prince Jackson continued, “I chose to honour him in a different, intimate, and personal way. Also for future reference ignorance like this will be posted and blocked. So think before you speak.”

However other family members celebrated the late Michael Jackson in their own unique ways.

Janet Jackson celebrated her brother by releasing a sneak peek into a project she is working on that was inspired by Michael’s “remember the time” video. She captioned her post “Had so much fun with these guys @blameitonkway @kingbach @diamondbfilms! #MadeForNow #DaddyYankee #dancewithjanet.”

Price’s sister, Paris Jackson also celebrated her deceased father on social media. She shared messages from fan sites and posted her own tribute.

On this day 60 years ago, the Greatest Entertainer of ALL TIME, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was born,” the model wrote. “He revolutionised music, broke down racial barriers, set the blueprint for popular music and became the biggest, most impactful artist in global history. #MichaelJacksonDay.”

We miss you Michael!