Pros and Cons of Buying a TV Online or From a Store

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Television was called an idiot box as it only distracted people from their work. However, with time people understood its advantage. Television connects people all around the world at the same time. It keeps you updated with the latest news.

Now with various channels being uploaded and satellites all over the earth we have no other reason why we shouldn’t have television at home. There is not a single house that doesn’t have a television unless they can’t afford it.

Well, when we talk about the affordability then there may be expensive consumer durables in the market but there are also some that fits in every pocket. You can always go to a store where there are various brands waiting for your response.

There may be something in your range but not with features that you’re looking for. Sometimes you might not find the brand you want in a particular store and then you start looking for it in other stores as well.

Therefore, the only solution nowadays is to search for all brands online along with their specifications. CompareRaja is an online site that compares more than 100 online sites and ecommerce sites like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

They have been in limelight in CNBC, Business India, Zee News etc. They have never been biased with their reviews about any brand. You name it and the brand is there with its entire latest models on a single page.

You can compare your favourite brands together on the same page. They have all top brands like LG, Videocon, Sony, Philips etc.

Apart from foreign brands they also entertain domestic brands like Vu which an Indian brand is established in 2006 in Mumbai. It has a turnover of around one billion rupees and it is the most profitable company in the year 2012.

Many people think that only searching online should be the rule when it is searching about the brand but if you have to buy, you should do it from a reliable store.

Most people fear that they might not get an authentic item online. However, that is not the truth. Let’s compare both online shopping and store retailing?

  • Online pricing is similar on all sites because it is the brand or manufacturer that’s giving the authorized discount so it has to be on every site. However, if you go to a store you might get a different rate but there is no harm in bargaining by showing them the online pricing.
  • Online you will get all brands and hi-tech machines, if you want something moderate and economic, you might get online but in limited offers. This can be done by your neighbourhood retailer.
  • If you wish to evaluate all brands, of course, you can’t do that in a store where a salesman is surrounded by various customers. However, online you can evaluate all brands that you can think of.
  • If you buy a television then you can either carry it in your car or get it delivered by the store truck who may charge you for delivery. However, online such expensive items are delivered free.

Whether it is online or a retailer, the return policy and warranty is the same as it is given by the company. Both ways, you get benefit if you buy from renowned store or website.

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