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Queen Beyonce Turns 37 Today


Today is a day of celebration as an icon added another year to her years today. Beyonce added another year to her age today and this day has been tagged the international  Bey’s day in her honour.

The mother of three who turned 37 years today. The very beautiful lady who has written her name in the sands of time is one of the very few artists who is loved across the globe and has managed to make a global name for herself.

Messages from her fans all over the world have taken up a huge amount of space in her Twitter account simply to wish this goddess a happy birthday.

One of the messages written in Twitter which was a very touching and emotional one for the artist was from her mom, Tina Knowles.

Tina was unable to keep her excitement and joy from her message in Twitter as she simply gushed with joy. She tweeted on how proud she was being her mother and how blessed she feels.

Her massage in Twitter which reads ” On this day many years ago, you were just four months old and I couldn’t even control all the excitement and all the encompassing love I felt towards you my first born. After I gave birth to you, I made a vow to love and cherish you everyday and always for the rest of my life. Sometimes, I cannot believe that out of all the incredible people in this world, I was chosen to be your mum by God. I feel really loved and special by him”.

“The two most incredible days of my life were the days you and your sister entered into this world. I was so proud and I officially marked them as the best days of my life. It was indeed a rare privilege to have carried you both in my womb. Enjoy your birthday as no other person deserves it but you. Love you. Mum”.

Beyonce knowles carter started her incredible journey into the world of music as a child. She eventually rose to fame as the leader of a girl singing group named Destiny child in 1990. Her father became her manager and their group became one of the best girl-singing group in the world.

She got married to Jay Z in 2008 and her music which had been sky rocketing hit a whole new level. She had sold millions of albums worldwide throughout her career which turned her into one of the best selling artists of all time.

Not only had she won 22 Grammy awards in her life but she also got to the list of the most nominated women in the world; a list which she ranks on the top with pride. Beyonce has 3 children, blue ivy born 6years and a set of twins who are both a year old.

With her successful life, career and marriage, she has still managed to top the music world. Congratulations beyonce and a very big happy birthday to you. Many more years, cheers.