Rainy Days and Kids: Awesome Fun!

Rainy Days

All week long there was sunshine and beautiful late spring weather. It was so warm that we even managed to walk to a spot on the river and play in the water after school.

Of course, now that the weekend is here and we have all day together, the rain would have to start! Rainy days do not have to be a drag though, there are many remedies to keep the grumps away when the children just want to play outside.

On the rainy days I am always brought to mind a favored children’s author, so I like to approach the day with that author in mind. For breakfast, I added a little green food coloring to the scrambled eggs and served them with ham (actually sausage, but the kids caught on quick). Do you sense the theme yet?

Next, I consider any holidays or birthdays coming up, because I am big on arts and crafts when we cannot play outside. Mother’s Day is here, so today we will be making homemade cards with scrap booking supplies.

Once arts & crafts have been run dry or the kids are bored with it, it is time for fort building. Pillows, blankets, chairs, and bed posts can be transformed into another world, one where imagination can run rampant, wild beasts can be tamed, and pirates can be fought.

Aside from arts and crafts and blanket forts, a good game of indoor hide and seek can remedy rainy day boredom. As the parent, you set the rules, letting them know where they can hide and where they cannot, that way no one gets in trouble on accident for crawling into the dryer or something equally scary. Always set clear and simple rules!

Board games not only help to stave off the boredom but they also strengthen the family bond. A family that plays together is a happy family! I enjoy board games because they transport me back to a simpler time for a moment, and it acts as a form of stress management.

I also keep a hefty supply of crayons and coloring books on hand, and puzzles are another great rainy day remedy.

When all options have been exhausted it is usually the end of the day, and this is when I will pick up a good children’s book and read aloud. I enjoy reading, and will change my voice appropriately, so the kiddos enjoy being read to. I get a very captivated audience by the end of the day, so that is the perfect time to read.

Rainy days do not have to be a bummer, and complaints of boredom can be cut short with a little forethought. To make the day more special than dreary, put the “rainy day activities” in a special box or on their own shelf.

This way the kiddos will look at the activities as something different for the day rather than something they use anytime they are bored and not playing outside.

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