Randall Emmett Proposed to Lala Kent

Guess who is officially off the singles market? Vanderpump Rules star, Lala Kent!
Lala has just been engaged to Holly Wood Producer Randall Emmett. The 46year-old producer asked Lala to marry him during a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where the pair also celebrated Lala’s 28th birthday at the Esperanza An Auberge Resort.

Lala told PEOPLE that “This weekend has been an amazing one for the two of us! It was definitely the most romantic moment of my life. Every detail of the surprise was stunning, and I’m still in shock,” Randall had set up a screen for Lala to watch one of her favourite shows before the screen went blank all of a sudden and then a video of the pair began to play, it showed lots of memories they have shared alone and with friends and family. While Lala was overwhelmed and focused on the footage, her boyfriend went on one knee and popped the big question. As Emmett slipped the diamond ring into Kent’s ring finger, private fireworks popped and the actress had so much running through her mind almost immediately.

“I keep looking down at my ring finger. I’m just so happy to say we are officially engaged. We are so excited to start planning the rest of our lives together, and I’m eager to put as much detail as Randall did in our engagement into our wedding! I immediately started to think I can’t wait to tell my parents we are engaged! I looked up in the sky at that exact moment and saw one bright star gleaming,” Kent says.

Kent’s husband to be had previously asked the late father of the Vanderpump Rules star for his permission to marry his daughter shortly before he passed away. Lala had shared the story of the request, but she didn’t think a proposal was coming so soon.

“Randall had told me that he had asked my dad permission to marry me earlier this year before my father passed away which is such an incredible gift because I lost my dad suddenly. I believe my father was definitely with us last night in spirit, which makes me even happier and our parents are thrilled!” Lala Kent shared.

Lala who joined Vanderpump Rules in the fourth season had kept her relationship with the Hollywood producer a little bit hidden at the initial stage. She had only referred to Emmett as “My man” on the TV show.

However, Emmett had finalised his divorce from his wife, actress Ambyr Childers in December last year.

Emmett and Lala went public with their relationship the next month after the divorce was finalised.