Regional Eateries in Delhi

Eateries in Delhi

Well well well… apart from the obvious IshqMohabbat, Pyaar which all stands for the great and eternal notion of love, there is one more thing that Delhi is famous for. Something which describes the very essence of this city’s existence – the food.

Since Delhi is the capital of our incredible nation it serves as the perfect melting pot absorbing each and every state’s culture. And it does so with such as skill that here you will find each and every cuisine coming out of the shell of authenticity and becoming a new one in the course.

And this is exactly why it has some of the most authentic cuisines to offer to all those who are just dying to get the taste of our native land. And please allow me to start with the Bong cuisine as I hope you all know I am little biased towards that for some very obvious reasons.

Yeh delhi hai mere yar bas ishq mohabbat pyar…

Bijoli Grill

Wanna have some authentic tastes of Bongs???

This is surely the place for you then my dear. With robindro songeet playing at the backdrop and an ambiance of  rural and urban Bengal juxtaposed together skillfully…. I think all this is enough for you to dip your fingers in that thick gravy of Shorshe Ilish and relish the heavenly taste of it shamelessly.

This is what exactly I went through when I recently had lunch at the outlet of Bijoli Grill located inside the premises of Banga Bhavan, Hailey Lane, Barakhamba Road.

With Special Bengali Thali catering to all the authentic  needs of a typical Bong food lover Bijoli Grill offers simple vegetarian Bengali platter consisting of Moong daalBhaatBegun (brinjal)/Aloo Bhaja (potato fry).

And you can easily take any of your Non-Bong friends over here without any hesitation has it has ample dishes to cater the north-Indian taste buds.

Having its origins in Mohanogor Kolkata securing hearts before securing geographical spheres is what serves as the key to the success of Bijoli Grill.

Started off as an individual restaurant Bijoli Grill rapidly took over the markets of Kolkata satiating the thirst of every food lover on the way of their success.

And rest what they is history.. soon enough it became a brand and a franchise which started to open in different cities across India to serve the authentic Bengali cuisine coupled with the native dishes of the state in which it is located.

Currently it has multiple extremely popular and cherished locations in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi.

Chor Bizarre

What better place to have an authentic taste of Kashmiri food than to have it at the heart of Daryaganj…

Located in Daryaganj, Chor Bizarre is probably the best you can ask for in Delhi when it comes to the heavenly taste of the Kashmiri cuisines.

Each and every dish caters great taste, the ambiance is quite good and situated in a place like Drayagnaj it makes even more convincing and reminds one of the lanes in Kashmir valleys where small size sarai khanas sells the tastiest foods in affordable prices.

And all these coupled proportionately with prompt and efficient service is what makes this place a must-visit at least once to get the authentic taste of Kashmir delicacies.

And please do try out those Palak Rista and Mutton Roganjosh… they are just to-die-for dishes that you would surely regret later if choose to give a miss.

Saravanna Bhawan

One might be thinking how can I mention this instead of the Sagar or the more recent Swagath chains of South-Indian delicacies.

But trust me guys Saravanna Bhawan will not disappoint you at all.  With 33 outlets in India itself, and 44 around the world Saravanna Bhawan is surely in the running of becoming the top South-Indian eatery chains across globe.

As far as the Delhi outlet concerns I would strongly recommend the idli-platter that this place offer. Small little round shaped rice balls type those things are surely irresistible especially when it comes in different flavors and authentic red tomato and onion chutney.

And being pure vegan this place offer one to explore more into traditional South-Indian vegetarian dishes which are of great taste and is full of nutritional value. But the ever-increasing popularity of this place makes it difficult to secure a place if not booked in prior.

And even if you have to wait in the queue I assure you that every second of that waiting is worth enough only for the great taste that awaits you at the end; especially if its is the Ghee Dosa.!!

Viva O’ Viva

Looking for Goan shades of tastes this evening..?? Then just hop onto this place without rethinking.

Located in Goa Niwas or Bhawan in Chanayakapuri the ambiance is the best thing that Viva O’ Viva offers to all its visitors.

With a warm welcome in pure Goan style the first and the foremost thing that you have to try here is the Peri Peri Prawns which are spicy, tasty and just authentically yummy.

The main attraction of this place which boost up the relaxation level is the waiters who are dressed in Goan style and with folk Goan music playing at the background coupled with board game tables – all these gives one the authentic feeling Goan cozy, yet vibrant atmosphere.

And in case you actually want to get the whole taste of Delhi without giving a damm about any authenticity then Delhi is the perfect place for you my friend.

With a Mughal history and currently standing proud as the epitome of the ultimate urban high class ambitious lifestyle Delhi has an unique style for everything.

Wherever you go in Delhi, be it India Gate, or the Old Delhi side Daryaganj you cannot afford to miss the paani-puri shacks at the India Gate nor the Paranthe Wali Gali in Daryaganj.

They are so integral to Delhi that Delhi seems to be incomplete without them.

And of course how can we, the freaky college hot chicks and guys miss out on mentioning the Vishwavidyala metro station and the shacks of Momos and Chole Kulche which are always there to our rescue whenever we are just about to die out of hunger.

And with each of them costing 20-30 rupees at max it completely suits our budgetary pockets.

And yes please do visit the famous Maggi point at the DU campus whenever you happen to drop by, and in case you want something more classy then you can always hop on to the nearby Kamla Nagar market where ample number of eateries is waiting right there only for you.

The Taste of Bong: Shorshe Ilish
Shorshe Ilish

The Taste of Bong: Shorshe Ilish

Bengali cooking is a culinary style starting in Bengal, an area in the eastern

Maggi Mania
Maggi Mania

Maggi Mania


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