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Results Shows Users Are Spending 50 Million Fewer Hours on Facebook Per Day

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In the Movie Social Networks, there’s this scene that Mark Zuckerberg loads up Facebook to show Eduardo so he can see what the platform looks like. Mark described Facebook as “clean and simple” and he went on to say that it’s the complete opposite of what an average Myspace page looks like.


Fast-forward to the present day reality. Facebook is just as convoluted as myspace.

This is what happens when you try to be everything to everybody. You want to be SnapChat, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Adwords and so many other platforms all combined into one platform.

Sometime around 2016, Mark Approached Evan Spiegel, the CEO and co-founder of SnapChat to make an offer to buy Snapchat, the young CEO rejected the offer and after so many trials to get him to change his mind which proved futile, Facebook started ripping off snapchat piece by piece. Now, the only feature that snapchat has that’s not on Facebook already is the ghostly brand logo and the yellow brand color.

Facebook stopped being a thing of interest to so many people all thanks to the following changes:

  • Trying to become a video platform like Youtube which is alright (it spiced up the social network) but putting adverts in the middle of short videos is like mistakenly chewing an undercooked grain of bean amidst eating a delicious plate of fried rice.
  • Trying to turn it to Instagram with stories.
  • Separating messenger from the main Facebook App.
  • Bombarding users with adverts throughout the main app and finally…
  • App instability; the app never loads what you were last looking at.

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With all these changes and much more that Facebook has made in recent years, all with the aim of making the social media platform a  better place, they might be gradually heading down the path myspace went so many years ago that led to its death.

With the recent fourth quarter result released which shows that Facebook users are spending 50 million fewer hours on Facebook per day; it is obvious that people are slowly gravitating away from Facebook.

Last Month, Mark Zuckerberg warned that the radical changes he has being making on Facebook to bring the social network back to its roots (connecting friends and family) will affect the amount of time people spend on the platform.

The changes he said he’s been making are already telling on the platform’s engagement numbers by reducing the time users spend on Facebook by 5%.

Additionally, so many things happened on Facebook last year, the pressure building up on the platform following the toxic content flowing through facebook – violent live videos, fabricated news articles and the divisive messages from Russians operatives that rocked the 2016 U.S presidential campaign. Facebook is also on fire for hunting and exploiting vulnerabilities in human psychology to get people glued to their platform.

With all these pressure, Mark Zuckerberg; reacting to the result said he is not interested or bothered much about the result. He stated that his personal challenge for 2018 is not focused on how much time it’s 2 billion-plus users spend on Facebook, but whether the little time they spend on the platform is “well spent.”

Do you think with the changes ongoing that are harming facebook’s user engagement that the giant social media platform is on its way to becoming the next myspace? With So many users complaining about so many things, like their feeds clustered with stuff they don’t like seeing. Personally, I don’t spend as much time on Facebook as I used to. The platform doesn’t interest me anymore.

Could this be the period when the mighty social media platform gives way to something better? I don’t think so; Mark is intelligent enough not to let that happen. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch as events unfold.

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