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Revealed: Two Other Spots That May Pleasure Your Woman

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A woman’s body is a vast expanse of pleasure, filled with spots that need to explored and revealed in a bid to give her the maximum sexual satisfaction.

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Unfortunately, many people only care about two spots; the C spot and the G spot, and are not willing to try out other options. Today we are going to learn about two other spots that she may like you hit to rock her world.

The U-Spot

You have probably heard of the G-Spot and the A-Spot both of which are very sensitive areas inside a woman’s vagina canal. Both G-Spot and the A-spot resides inside a woman’s vagina, but the U-spot resides outside the vagina.

The u-spot does not require penetration for it to be stimulated. Stimulating the u-spot is perfect for those who do not care for vagina penetration.

Finding the U-Spot

It is easier to find the u-spot since it’s residing on outside of the vagina. The area around the opening of the urethra is known as the u-spot and is filled with spongy erectile tissues.

These spongy tissues extend from the anterior vaginal wall and around the urethra down to the pubic bone and are usually filled with blood upon arousal.

Stimulating the U-Spot

  1. The fingers: The fingers play a very crucial role in stimulating a woman. To use the fingers to stimulate the u-spot, just slip in the fingers gently above the clitoris and let the fingers be at the opening of the vagina then rub that part very gently. Do not apply much pressure just move fingers in a horizontal and vertical motion.
  2. The tongue: When you get down with your partner, after you test the grounds. Plunge in and use your tongue to flirt around the u-spot. You can move your tongue up-down or sideways around the u-spot.

The PS-Spot

The Perineal Sponge also known as the ps-spot is another sensitive area inside the woman’s vaginal canal. It is located in between the rectum and the vagina and swells during arousal.

Finding the PS-Spot

The ps-spot is located directly opposite the G-spot inside the vaginal canal and is made of erectile tissues. Unlike the U-spot that does not require penetration, the PS-spot require penetration in order to stimulate it.

Stimulating The PS-Spot

The ps-spot can be stimulated during regular sex but mostly woman-on-top sex positions or through fingering.

In case you want to use your fingers, this is done by turning your hand around from the G-spot and pressing downwards. Although the best sex positions to stimulate the PS-spot are the ever golden awesome doggy style and spooning.

Don’t limit a woman to predictable ways of making her achieve orgasm so as not to make bed acts monotonous. Explore.

Loveth Oghara
Interesting, Smart, and Simple

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