Robbie Williams Under Fire for Asking Trans Contestant His Birth Name

Robbie Williams has lost the love of many X Factor fans after he asked a transgender contestant for his birth name.

A 20-year-old trans man who goes by the name Felix Shepherd from Birmingham who is studying songwriting did an awesome rendition of Kodaline’s “All I want”. His performance did not stop at wowing the crowd and judges, he got a standing ovation for it but before he started singing, William inquired about his history.

Felix told the judges that he came on the show to prove to everyone that he was “more than just a transgender guy”, and he did exactly that.

William’s response to Felix was: “So when you were born, what was your name?”

Felix responded with his birth name and Williams went further to ask him: “So when did you know you were Felix?”

Felix Shepherd responded with a story of how how realised he was trans at the age of nine while he was at school, and he decided he was going to be himself and also tell other people about who he really is.

Fans of the X Factor show took to twitter to express their love and support for shepherd and to also express their disapproval of William’s question about Felix’s birth name thereby “dead naming” the singer.

According to the UK LGBT+ Charity stone wall, deadnaming is when someone refers to a trans person “using the name they had before they transitioned,” and adds that it can be “deeply hurtful to trans people.” Ouch! that’s a serious crime right there for Williams.

One fan Tweeted that said asking Felix his birth name is “not an acceptable thing to do. It’s especially not okay when it’s the first question you ask him.”

In another Tweet, an fan who goes by the name Alex Staddon, said Shepherd is “lovely” and “we were really proud to see another trans person on the TV.” However, Alex wondered why nobody had told Williams that “it’s considered pretty darn rude to ask someone’s birth name? That’s quite an on-the-spot situation to be put in, having to explain oneself.”

Another tweeter user said that asking Felix for his birth name was “a bit disrespectful.” But another fan thought it was more than just disrespectful.

The other Fan said: “don’t ask someone what their dead name is”, adding that the question was “plain disrespectful and out of boundaries.”

An angry fan known as Jason Reid called Williams out for his action and Tweeted that it was “gross and disrespectful” adding that the X Factor is “dead and finished.”

This is not the first time we have heard of the X Factor judges having issues with the LGBT community.