Rootless Pixel Launcher from Play Store Over Policy Violation


Rootless Pixel Launcher, which brought the Google Pixel’s clean user interface to any smartphone has finally made his way to the Play Store in the last week of August. The arrival of the launcher on the Play Store eased the launcher’s update process, but it seems that its free run was a relatively short one as the app was pulled out from the Play Store over policy violation.

Google who removed the favourite launcher from the Play Store because it requires the installation of another partner app called the Rootless Pixel Bridge via a pop-up, which also brings Google Feed to any device on which the launcher was installed.

Image Source: Android Police

Amir Zaidi, the developer behind the app, revealed that Google removed the app from its app store because it ’cause[d] users to download or install applications from an unknown source’. The developer who took to his Telegram channel to explain exactly what caused the launcher app to be taken down from the Android app repository.

“Great, my Play Store release got suspended for this reason: Apps that cause users to install or download applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play Store are prohibited. So that means I can’t have the Bridge installation popup as it is right now and need to find an alternative solution”, Zaidi explained. He also added that the package name might also be banned permanently which means that users might be required to re-download the launcher app and customise it again with none of their preferences saved.

The developer has filed an appeal with Google and is currently making a move to remove the pop-up which asks users to download the Pixel Bridge companion app. “If the appeal is approved I can push this update to everyone, and we can continue using the launcher as if nothing happened. But if it’s rejected, I’ll have to upload the app again under a new package name”, the developer wrote on his Telegram channel.


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