Galaxy Note 4 Specs, Release Date, Features and Price


Rumors of the two most anticipated Samsung Galaxy smartphones this year have started surfacing. While all and sundry is eagerly waiting for the release of the much hyped Samsung Galaxy S5, news concerning yet another Samsung phablet has surfaced. Samsung is reported as planning the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 successor; the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung mobile Executive Vice President, Lee Young Hee broke this news during an interview with Bloomberg at the CES 2014. According to Young Lee, the giant tech firm is planning to release Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the second half of the year. This means that you can expect the Galaxy Note 4 release date as early as July this year. Lee added that this device is aimed at the high end smartphone lovers who won’t mind paying more for a device that is more than just a smartphone.

It is said that Samsung is considering changing the design of the smartphones to be released this year. This means that they are likely to introduce new technology in the Samsung Note 4 and probably in the Galaxy S5 as well.To back this up, Hee told the Bloomberg that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will support 3D display that will allow you read whatever is on the screen even at an odd number. This means that you can read your messages even at a very tight angle. What is not yet confirmed is whether the phablet will support a flexible display or not.

Samsung has made the news very often for its innovations. It has been taking great strides in its screen displays and it is now expected to use these developments on its screens especially in the Galaxy Note 4.

It is also expected to boost improved Galaxy Note 4 specs due to technological development Samsung has gained. In terms of other features such as storage, Operating System, camera, processor, connectivity and battery, this new creation is expected to bring in top end specifications. It too is expected to be lighter than its predecessor Galaxy Note 3 and slimmer. It too is believed that this Samsung is considering making a metallic and plastic finish at the back of Note 4 unlike its predecessor that was fully plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is hugely expected to be the ultimate smartphone man can have. Samsung is determined to remain the people’s choice of smartphone manufacturer and thus the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will be a top end machine.


  1. After bring this phone , I am so much disappointed. What ada showed and i’be got are so different. I feel something is missuing, overall the phone is decent at best but it feels lifeles.


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