Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Still Second To iPhone X?


Samsung has released their 2018 flagship device, the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 9 and as expected, the comparison between the Samsung brand and Apple’s iPhone will rage on till the next series of the iPhone is released next month. When it comes to Performance and Anticipation, reports show that the iPhone X still leads.


Reports from a survey by PcMag show that Samsung still plays second fiddle to iPhone as people who took part in the survey claims they are more interested in what the Apple brand has in store for them.

According to the survey, which asked 1,555 consumers what smartphone release they are most looking forward to, the “iPhone 9/iPhone 11/iPhone XI/iPhone SE 2” came in at the top. 42 percent of respondents indicated that they are most looking forward to the iPhone refresh next month, while 24 percent indicated they are looking forward to the Galaxy Note 9.

There is a silver lining though as Samsung released some ads targetting the iPhone in terms of design and performance and the ads seem to be converting some iPhone users,

Of those who chose the new Galaxy Note, 76 percent unsurprisingly already own a Samsung phone. However, 8 percent of those respondents currently own an iPhone. So while Apple topped the most anticipated smartphone list, our results indicate the Galaxy Note 9 may snag some iPhone converts.


Tomsguide has allowed users to see how the Samsung Galaxy Note performs. When pitted against the iPhone X, the 6GB Variant of the Galaxy Note 9 was simply dominated according to Geekbench score.

Geekbench 4

Geekbench 4 Multicore Score
Galaxy Note 98,876
iPhone X10,357
OnePlus 69,088
Galaxy S9+8,295
Pixel 2 XL6,282
LG G7 ThinQ8,566
Galaxy Note 86,564

Geekbench 4 measures overall performance and the 6GB Note 9 couldn’t outperform the iPhone X. The Note 9 costs $999 and the OnePlus 6 that cost $500 dominated it too.

Geekbench 4 measures overall performance, and the Note 9 delivers solid performance in the benchmark’s multi-core test. The Note 9 notched 8,876, which is considerably better than last year’s Note 8. It also smokes the Pixel 2 XL, but that phone was running an older Snapdragon 835 chip, just like the Note 8.


Next comes the graphics test using 3D Mark Slingshot Extreme. Slingshot Extreme is the most demanding graphics test in 3DMark’s mobile arsenal

3DMark Slingshot Extreme 3.1

3D Mark Slingshot Extreme 3.1 Score
Galaxy Note 94,639
iPhone X4,994
OnePlus 65,124
Galaxy S9+4,634
Pixel 2 XL3,679
LG G7 ThinQ4,201
Galaxy Note 83,710


Slingshot Extreme is the most demanding graphics test in 3DMark’s mobile arsenal, and the Note 9 fared pretty well, but it’s outperformed by both the iPhone X and OnePlus 6.

The Galaxy Note 9 scored 4,639, which is slightly better than the Galaxy S9+ (4,634) and ahead of the LG G7 (4,201). However, the OnePlus 6 with 8GB of RAM smoked the Note 9 with a score of 5,124 and the iPhone X (4,994) also fared better.

Galaxy Note 9 did fare well, however, is in display testing. More test results can be found here


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