Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Battery Capacity Leaked


As the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ approaches. More information about the smartphone creeps through the tightly held curtains to the public.

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery

The latest we’ve learned so far from Union repairs, which is a Wholesale repair company is that the S9 will have a 3000mAH battery while the S9+ will be coming with a much larger battery of 3500mAH. That’s the same battery capacity the S8 and S8+ shipped with respectively.

Samsung is really getting ready to unveil their next flagship ahead of Mobile world congress. And after it has been unveiled the Android community at large will be turning their full attention to the smartphone.  Press invitations have started and it is quite certain that the phone will emphasis more on photography this time than any other feature.

You might be wondering why Samsung couldn’t increase the battery capacity a little bit away from what they offered on the S8/S8+, could it be that they are scared of another Galaxy note 7 mishap? No, I think they’ve handled that problem in a way that it’ll never repeat itself again.

According to an article on WCCTech, they gave an answer to the question above, which is the screen to body ratio on the recent smartphones – the almost bezeless displays.

While the Infinity Display might make the smartphone look so sweet to look at, the reduction in bezels which was replaced by smartphone screen holds the key to what’s keeping Samsung from adding a larger battery because the screen is taking up more space.

They predicted that Samsung might be employing a different Battery design with an entirely new approach on the galaxy S9/S9+ to make it possible to provide a larger battery capacity, but it seems the new approach failed and that’s why we will be getting the same battery capacity that we witnessed in S8 and S8+ on the new 2018 flagship as well.