Samsung Reportedly Working on Its Own Gaming Smartphone

Gaming smartphones are becoming the next big thing in the mobile industry, and as manufacturers are introducing their gaming-centric devices. We have already seen smartphones from Razer Phone, Asus and Xiaomi Black Shark, but now Samsung seems to be joining the club of gaming smartphones.

If reports are to be true, Samsung has already started work on its gaming-centric smartphone which will go in direct competition with the ones present in the smartphone market. According to a source inside the company’s smartphone division, Samsung would make the device as par with the latest standards.

Though there is not much information available about the smartphone, there are chances that the recently leaked Galaxy A phone is the same device here in question. However, if it’s true, Samsung will be using 8GB of RAM and will incorporate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The phone will have multiple internal storage options such as 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

The tech company is said to avoid using LED lights on the rear panel of the device, and preferably use a more generic design lie its Galaxy compatriot Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9. Samsung is also said to use a high infinity display with a glass and aluminium body alongside.

Also similar to other smartphones, the device will also be featuring a cooling system. The company has already introduced their Water Carbon cooling system in Galaxy Note 9. Samsung is expecting to unveil the gaming smartphone in November. But in the coming days, we will be waiting to come across more news regarding the device.

Besides, Samsung is said to bring a new display technology that will replace the notches. Spotted by Twitter user Ice Universe, Samsung announced a new AMOLED display technology during its OLED Forum conference in China.

The tech giant explained how the display could hide several features which used to be placed on the notch. These features include a sound, fingerprint scanner, haptic, and an under panel sense (UPS).

However, we have seen the in-display fingerprint sensor, even though they will be a part of the upcoming Galaxy phone. The UPS includes the front-facing camera. Combined with the ability for sound to be transmitted through the display, Samsung claims that notches would no longer be needed.


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