Samsung Reveals Key Specs for Its Upcoming Foldable Smartphone


Samsung unveiled its new infinity Flex Display device, as the first foldable hybrid gadget from the tech company that transform from a phone into a tablet. Samsung says it plans to go into mass production for just the display in a matter of months, but we don’t know how much of anything about this device. It still a total mystery what it will cost, and we know very little about the software will function and how many different display orientations it supports.

At its developer’s conference recently, Samsung did reveal some new information about the planned device, including its screen size, pixel density and aspect ratio in both the folded and unfolded modes, as reported by CNET’s Shara Tibken:

The density of the gadget is a standard 420 ppi, which is not the best out there, but perfectly fine for the device. Resolution when its folded is 840 x 1960, and when unfolded 1536 x 2152. The aspect ratios, however, are the most exciting specs here. The folded, phone version of the Infinity Flex as it is called has a 4.58-inch display with an aspect ratio of 21:9, which would make it pretty much the tallest device on the market at the moment and probably not the best of a screen for game playing, video viewing or anything like that. The unfolded, tablet mode is the primary mode for those types of activities mentioned earlier, as it has a more standard aspect ratio of 4.2:3 and a screen size of 7.3-inches.

There’s still so much we don’t know about how the device is going to work and how many iterations it might take Samsung and other phone makers to nail this form factor. Thankfully, Google announced yesterday of its support for “foldables” as they are being called, earlier yesterday with Samsung’s big reveal of its device specs, so the initial software support is already there and it will only continue to get more significant over time.

News aggregation app Flipboard has already booked space to develop a special version of its app that modifies itself depending on whichever mode the Infinity Flex is running in:

Flipboard undoubtedly won’t be the only developer to sign on. Let’s consider Samsung is launching a new, three-app multitasking feature it’s calling Multi-Active Window, and it is likely at least some other big-name developed who will jump at the chance to create responsive and modular versions for their mobile apps to be among the first to capitalise on the foldable trend.


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