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Samsung’s Leak Shows Radically Designed New Galaxy Smartphone

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While everybody thinks Samsung galaxy s9 is the most important product on Samsung’s mind, you will be shocked to know that the South Korean giant has something bigger they are working day and night to achieve. These radically looking smartphone just leaked, and we are here to discuss it.

A recent report has uncovered a major new patent filed by Samsung under the radar with the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) for a smartphone which its display stretches to all edges, no bezels whatsoever, accompanied by an in-display fingerprint reader and a pressure sensitive display.

Navigating a smartphone like this will have a slight learning curve attached to it. Samsung explains how the navigation on the new smartphone works.

There will be an on-screen navigation bar that comprises of a menu key, home key and a back key like every other smartphone. A digital fingerprint scanner will automatically appear when the smartphone is locked; users will be able to unlock the phone by just placing their thumbs firmly on the screen.

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A moderate press on the smartphone’s home button will activate the mic for voice control (the same way Google assistant works) and a much harder press on the home screen will open the application trey.

Whenever the smartphone’s display is not showing the home menu, a firm press on the back key will take you back to the home menu (the same as every other smartphone would do), but when the smartphone’s display is showing its home menu, a much harder press on the back button will show up a new range of icons, a softer press will enable the customization of navigation bar.

Our source has it that Samsung filed a patent similar to this one sometime on November last year. The patent described the production of a smartphone that might turn out to be the world’s first truly bezel-less smartphone.

Rumor has it that Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phone will be coming to an end after the galaxy s9, if the rumor is true, then the South Korean smartphone company would have to come up with another amazing product that will replace the Galaxy S line of phones and I believe that’s what they are trying to put in motion with the Galaxy X line of phones.

Let’s all fold our hands and watch as things unfold. The future certainly has so many interesting products coming to us from Samsung. Even a foldable smartphone will be one of them

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