How to Schedule post in WordPress


Few days ago I was working on one of my blogs and I was able to schedule a post of up to a week and half (meh i wish i can go on a vacation).

I was asked by a Friend of mine who is also a blogger but he is new to WordPress on how he can also Schedule post that prompted me to write this post, so other newbie wordpress users will take note of it.

How to Schedule your WordPress post

On wordpress you can Schedule your blog post so that they are published while you are away on holidays, meetings or family matters 😀 . This will keep your readers engaged and Happy when you are away for few days. (But I bet ya you going to hate that if you get lots of comments 😀 ).

1. Find it

In your dashboard click on the “add new“now input your post title and body of your article, now t the right hand of the post editor screen you will see the “publish” box.


2. Schedule it:

Check the “publish immediately” section and click on the “edit” button as shown below, insert the Month (black), Date (red circle) and the  Time (blue circle)


Now click OK, the schedule button will then surface, all you have to do is click on that and it will schedule your post to the set date.


Note: I you did not set a specific time for your post but only the date wordpress will publish your post at the time you edited it.

If you finished editing your post by 4:15 in the morning and forgot to Schedule the time wordpress will publish your post at 4:15 in the morning on the date you have set.

3. Vacation Vacation Vacation:

Well now you can have the vacation of a lifetime you wanted but I must warn you, expect the unexpected you know lots of comments and complaints from your readers.


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