Scientists Team Up on Fortnite to Teach Players About Climate Change


Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there and its increasing popularity basically dwarfs everything else on the internet most days; and while most people play Fortnite for the fun of it, or in cases of pro-streamers like Ninja, or as a full-time job, there is a group of scientists who have started streaming and playing Fortnite as a way of raising awareness about climate change.

The Fortnite squad was formed by MIT graduate student Henri Drake when he found out that climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe’s tweet was mentioning how her kid’s Fortnite video on Youtube got 10,000 views while her video climate change got around a thousand views. Drake thought that scientists could tap into Fortnite’s popularity to get more people to think about climate change. He decided to float the idea on twitter, and he got around 20 climate scientist and science communicators that are interested in the concept.

Drake and his squad of climate scientists now play Fortnite twice a week. They stream their games via Twitch, and they talk about climate change throughout their stream. Talking about why they started doing it, a researcher at Texas A&M, Andrew Dessler, and a member of the squad of scientists playing Fortnite told Earther, “A lot of stuff you do in climate communication isn’t fun. It is not fun to write op-eds. but what we are doing now is fun and you can do it even if it has a marginal impact.”

So if you are a Fortnite player who is interested in climate change or if you are a climate change scientist who would like to join in the effort, or even if you are someone who would want to be a part of this remarkable crusade, they have a signup form that you can fill out. You can also be able to watch their live streams on Twitch.


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