Selena Commits to Self Love and Self Renewal


Selena Gomez has finally decided to move on and start a new life months after she split with the love of her life Justin Bieber. The 26-year-old beauty who had been living her life as a single lady ever since her split with Justin says she is all about self-care now.

Although immediately after their break up, selena committed to being single but now, she says she is ready to move on with her life, take the next step and find true love and commitment from the one deserving of her.

According to a close source, Selena says she is ready to plan her future and it is one that does not include Justin in it.

The source continued that Selena is making self-care her priority and that what she wants now is to rebrand herself, become the best version of herself so that she can attract the right partner that she would spend her life with.

“All she is focused on right now is letting all her baggage go and doing more work on herself. She is also intent on prioritizing having fun with her friends, family and all those who love her. Asides all this, selena is focused on her music now more than ever”.

The source claims that Selena works out a lot and eats a whole lot of healthy things although she indulges herself once in a while but then all she wants is to feel good. As usual, she is being creative and doing her art in her own unique way and this has always made her feel her best and so for her, that is really a big focus right now.

The source claims that Selena is throwing herself more into her work. Also, she is trying to ensure that her album comes out soon and this is really good for her because it has definitely helped in taking her mind off Justin.

Over the weekend, she was working with Cardi B on a new music video and this was so much fun for her. Cardi was so sweet to her and her gestures towards Selena made her feel so empowered and energized.

Although this brunette beauty is still trying to stay positive on a lot of things, it has not always been an easy road for her. But despite how hard it is, she has vowed to keep trying even when the road gets tough and it becomes really difficult.

The source says explained that though it isn’t an easy road for her but then it isn’t going to be a change overnight. It is going to be a gradual process; one which Selena is really committed to. There are times when Selena really has to try to keep her mind off Justin and for her, those days and times could be quite gloomy especially with Justin being engaged to Hailey Baldwin.

But what keeps her strong is her focus on self-care alongside the goal of making herself emotionally healthy and strong again. She doesn’t want to falter in doing all these so that when she finally meets her next boyfriend, she would be in a good place with a better frame of mind.

If we would recall vividly, both Selena and Justin had been together for a long time and had only recently split at the beginning of this year. We really hope that Selena will get the man of her dreams soon.


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