Have You Had A Sex Drought?

Sex Drought

A recent study reported that it is estimated that almost all couples go through a period in their relationship without engaging in any sexual activity with each other. The study went on to state that men and women who were not in relationships also experienced what is being termed a sex drought.

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It is estimated that nearly a third of all women experience a lengthy period in their lives where they do not engage in sexual intercourse, and that they are more likely to become promiscuous when it is the first time after an extended period of abstinence.

Out of the women who experienced a long sex drought, roughly 1/4 of them admitted to having casual sex with strangers, while a third of them relied on friends to fill the sexual void. This is compared to the surprisingly low number of men who admitted to having sex with casual sex with relatively close friends.

It is Not Just Singles Who Experience a Sex Drought

A common misconception is that only single men and women experience periods in their lives without any sexual intercourse, but it also happens to almost all couples in a long term relationship at least once in their lives.

Busy schedules, stress, and daily fatigue can all cause a decrease in sexual desire. It is estimated that at least 86 percent of all couples experience problems with sexual desire during the course of the relationship.

What is probably not surprising is that the majority of couples reported that the woman was better dealing with the frustration and even feelings of anxiety of sexual performance that men were.

What is helping some men and women cope with the periods in their life when there is no intimate interaction is to take a tip from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars who are beginning to open up about the sexual droughts in their lives.

Not only does it help to know that it can happen to anyone regardless of their looks, but it also reinforces the belief that it is okay to take a break from sex when emotional needs are not being met.

Have You Had a Sex Drought?

It can be difficult for men and women to know if they have had or are experiencing a sex drought. While it honestly depends on the individual person, there are average times that experts have loosely based their research on.

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The average length of time a sexually active adult man or woman typically goes without engaging in intimate relations is generally 3 to 6 months, with the longest continual break typically lasting no more than two years.

For some men and women, their lack of sexual activity is due to their life style and researchers are not sure if this choice should be considered a sexual drought.

What was surprising was the number of healthy adults who made the conscious decision to refrain from sexual intercourse, with an estimated one quarter of women and a fifth of men purposely abstaining.

While the choice might have been theirs, these men and women still reported feeling happier when they were engaged in a sexually fulfilling and compatible relationship.


While the results from the study are still to vague to fully support any working theory, the early findings are still fascinating. It is more common than most people thought for singles and couples to go through occasional sex droughts, and a higher number of women rather than men are willing to have sexual relations with friends simply to end their dry spell.

What men and women should remember is that it is common and normal to have periods in your life when you are not sexually active, and chances are it has absolutely nothing to do with your looks. If the dry spell is being experienced with a partner, simply discussing the problem and even arranging time to rekindle your sex life will generally end the drought.

For singles who simply want to relieve some sexual tension and feel a brief but intimate connection with someone else, simply take your time and chances are the drought will end on its own.

For men and women who do not want to wait, and choose to have casual sex with a friend it is important to make sure that you make your feelings and intentions known before hopping into bed.

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