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Sex Therapy: What Men and Women Should Know

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Do you and your partner find it difficult to light up things in the bedroom? Are you the type that ends the journey before even starting? Do you find sex boring and your partner unattractive anymore?

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If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you need help. According to statistics, 43% of women and 31% of men are experiencing challenges with their sex life.

Sex is great and should be enjoyed by both partners. However, this is not always the case. Some people struggle to even rise to the occasion, let alone talk about sex. Healthy sex life is essential for your overall health and relationship with your partner.

Several factors can contribute to your lack of excitement and satisfaction in bed. If you do not address these issues, you may never enjoy sex again. That is why you need to see a sex therapist.

What is sex therapy?

Initially, people feared to share their sex stories, experiences, struggles, and fantasies with anyone else. They considered sex sacred and felt awkward whenever the topic came up. But things have changed.

More and more people are fighting the stigma and coming out to share their intimate stories to get a solution. They are either confiding in someone or seeking professional help from a sex therapist.

So, what is sex therapy? Sex therapy is a type of treatment that seeks to address sexual challengers that you may be facing. These are challenges that directly impact your interest in sex. The therapy’s goal is to help you enjoy your sex life.

The majority of people (43% women and 31% of men) have reported experiencing at least one form of sexual dysfunction in their lifetime. These dysfunctions include

A sex therapist will help you address these sexual dysfunctions by recommending appropriate response and treatment.

How sex therapy works

A sex therapy session is just like a psychotherapy session. During the session, you mainly talk the therapist through your sexual experience, feelings, worries, and fears.

So, when you visit a therapist, be ready to share your personal experience, history, and possible trauma. On your initial session, the therapist will want to get the context surrounding your sexual struggles or concerns.

They will let you talk and guide the discussion to get the information that they need.

During your sessions, the therapist will ask several questions that they feel may lead to understanding your problem. Some of these questions include

  • You and your partner’s sexual history
  • You and your partner’s mental health history
  • Your reasons for lack of sex
  • Your gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Medical concerns
  • The past or current traumatic experience
  • Your sexual habits

Your therapist will use the information you provided to work out and recommend a mechanism that will help you respond better to sex.

They will help you accept and better manage your concerns that may contribute to sexual dysfunction. Your therapist will likely give you an assignment that you need to work on before the next appointment.

They may also refer you to a medical doctor if they feel the dysfunction is a result of physical condition. Sex therapists are not only limited to addressing your worries and concerns.

They address anything related to sexual desires or how to boost sex drive, including offering expert sex reviews. They will give you a professional sex guide on how to introduce a new style in your bedroom and the dos and don’ts explore an open relationship.

When should you see a sex therapist?

So, you have not been in the mood the whole week, or have failed to rise to the occasion two or three times a week. Do you need to seek the help of a sex therapist immediately? Like any other place, you may have bad days in the bedroom.

Fatigue here and a few disappointments there may take away the mood, or cause your body to not respond to sexual stimulus. Therefore, you need first to address any possible concerns.

Sex experts recommend that you seek a sex therapist’s services when you become overwhelmed by the sex challenges. A sex therapist can also be recommended for other reasons, including sexual-related conflicts, compulsive sexual behavior, marital problems, and persistent sexual boredom.

Sex therapy myths

Some people avoid sex therapy sessions because of the false information out there. Here are some of the myths about sex therapy.

People have sex at the therapist’s office

Some think that the therapist will ask them to get naked and have sex to assess the real problem. Therapy is not sex couching or sex education. You will only talk and share your experience.

Only married people or people with partners can see a therapist

Any adult can attend sex therapy, whether they have a partner or single. Single people lose interest after having sex or cannot deal with their fantasies, and sexual behaviors can see a therapist.

You must bring your partners with you for a session

You can attend a sex therapy session with or without your partner. If you are too embarrassed to bring them, then you can visit the session alone. However, it is recommended that you both participate in a family therapy sexsessions.


Having a fulfilling sex life is key to a happy life. It is a fun part of life that can cement the bond between you and your partner. However, lack of sex or sexual dysfunction can cause high anxiety and worry. Sex therapy can treat and help eliminate the underlying challenges.

Author’s Bio:

Alice Jones is a certified sexologist and psychologist. Through online sessions and expert sex reviews she helps couples to deal with the issues they are facing in their relationship and sexual life. In her freetime she enjoys writing and spending time with her family.

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